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Today on the Marilu Show – Tuesday July 9th, 2013

Marilu Henner's Total Memory Makeover

Marilu Henner’s Total Memory Makeover

All things Total Health Makeover! We will discuss why people have such success on THM, hear transformational testimonies of THM lifestyles, and hear from the fabulous coaches, Jan Brandvold and Kyra Richardson!



Jan Brandvold & Kyra Richardson

Jan Brandvold & Kyra Richardson

Jan Brandvold and Kyra Richardson are the mother-daughter team who coach the annual class Viva la Veganon Jan (the mom) is a former restaurant owner, a traveler, an adventurer (skiing, snorkeling, or white-water rafting, anyone?), and not-quite a vegan. She has been married for 43 years, is a mother of two daughters and grandmother of seven. Kyra, who is one of those daughters, is also a wife, and mother of three young boys. She was a vegetarian for six years, then became a vegan when she read Marilu’s book, The 30-Day Total Health Makeover. Since she was already meat-free, giving up dairy was something she knew she could do. Her life radically changed as she actually started eating more vegetables, added regular exercise and married the produce guy (a carnivore – go figure!) at her favorite grocery store. Kyra has now been a vegan for over 14 years! She works full-time as an elementary school librarian.

Take the Sense Memory Quiz!

Brain Food

Brain Food

Take the Sense-Memory Quiz and find out which one of your senses you are the most connected to! This quiz is taken from Marilu’s Best-Seller Total Memory Makeover – Chap. 3 Pg. 51

Number a paper from one to ten. Answer with the corresponding letter for each question. Remember to move quickly and don’t get stuck too long on one question.

1. Which appeals to you most?

a. Corn
b. Lilac
c. Calla lilies
d. Cactus
e. Mango

2. Which is your favorite thing to do on a day off?

a. Go to a movie
b. Spend the day at the beach
c. Visit a museum
d. Participate in sports
e. Dine at your favorite restaurant

3. Which of these are you most likely to collect?

a. Records or CDs
b. Antique books
c. Art and design books
d. Travel or nature books
e. Cookbooks

4. Which is your favorite part of a wedding?

a. Dancing
b. Open bar
c. The ceremony
d. Visiting with friends
e. The food

5. What do you enjoy most about school?

a. Socializing with friends
b. The feeling of fall in the air
c. Learning new information
d. Buying new pencils and supplies
e. The cafeteria

6. Which of the following frightens you the most?

a. Violence
b. Fire
c. Loneliness
d. Floods
e. Famine

7. Which one of these colors appeals to you most?

a. Black
b. Orange
c. Red
d. Rust
e. Yellow

8. Which of these guides you most?

a. A Higher Power
b. Passion
c. Logic
d. The advice of others
e. Instinct

9. Which of these is your favorite part of a romantic evening?

a. The right music
b. Foreplay
c. The way your partner looks
d. Holding hands
e. An intimate dinner

10. Which among these is your favorite holiday?

a. Independence Day
b. Christmas
c. Halloween
d. Valentines Day
e. Thanksgiving

Now add up how many of each letter you answered. The letter you answered the most often is the sense you are most connected to.


Tabulate your answers like these examples. (The following are mine and Lorin’s, showing the order of dominance of each sense.)


4 – B’s: Smell
3 – A’s: Sound
1 – C: Sight
1 – D: Touch
1 – E: Taste


4 – C’s: Sight
2 – A’s: Sound
2 – D’s: Touch
1 – B: Smell
1 – E: Taste