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‘Vanya and Sonia’ Writer to Take the Stage

The playwright Christopher Durang, who wrote “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike,” is set to star as Vanya in a coming production at the Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope, Pa., the producers announced. The comedy, which takes place in Bucks County and won a Tony last year for best play, is scheduled to run from July 17 to Aug. 10. Marilu Henner (“Taxi”) has been cast as Masha, a role played by Sigourney Weaver in the Off Broadway and Broadway productions. Vanya was originally played by David Hyde Pierce. The production is to be directed by Sheryl Kaller (“Mothers and Sons”).

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The Secret Source Of Your Bad Mood (And How To Overcome It)

We can slap a bandage on a cut or an ice pack on a bruise. But that only works for the physical kind.

“We typically try and bust a bad mood with the most generic approaches,” says psychologist Guy Winch, author of Emotional First Aid: Practical Strategies for Treating Failure, Rejection, Guilt and Other Everyday Psychological Injuries. “We go to a movie, have a pint of ice cream, hit the tequila. But bad moods are not like an infection — you can’t just take a Z-Pak and get rid of it.”

Consider that bad moods are transitory –- if we’re upset for a month, depression might be the culprit -– and typically triggered by specific events. We’re not always great at connecting these events to our mood, but the connection typically does exist, Winch says. Figuring out what your grumpiness is about will help address it in an appropriate way.

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One-Sentence Financial Rules

There are 56,956 personal finance books on In aggregate, they contain more than 3 billion words. This seems absurd, because 99 percent of personal finance can be summarized in nine words: Work a lot, spend a little, invest the difference. Master that, and the other 2.999 billion words are filler.

The most important finance topics don’t require details. Most can be, and should be, summarized in a sentence or two.

Here are some I’ve learned.

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How couples can talk about (gulp!) money

Don’t start with numbers. Start with your goals and your fears.

By Jean Chatzky

FORTUNE — Politics, sex, health, religion, or money: Which of these would make you most likely to head for the loo (or at least top off your glass) if it came up at a dinner party?

According to a new study by the deVere Group, a financial advisory firm in the U.K. — money tops the list 60% of the time. Now, this study was international (the U.K., Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, and South Africa in addition to the U.S.) and skewed to wealthy individuals (with more than $1.5 million to invest). So, over the past few days, I did a little pure stateside research — asking readers to my free weekly newsletter to weigh in. Some of you who follow me @JeanChatzky or @FortuneMagazine on Twitter took my survey as well.

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Spring Cleaning for Your Body: 10 Steps to Detoxify and Get Healthier for Spring

Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, the ancient healing system from India, both recommend springtime as the ideal season to detox your body. The rebirth of nature that happens during this time harmonizes with a cleansing and renewing of your body. Plus, some of us tend to get lax about our diets and exercise routines during the cold winter months, which means come spring we’re ready to come out of hibernation.

Why Do You Need to Detox?

Modern living isn’t exactly pure. Every day we’re exposed to chemicals in our food and water, pollution in our air, and emotional stress in our lives. Over time, these toxins accumulate in your body and can manifest as insomnia, fatigue, digestive problems, aches and pains or even chronic disease.

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Just because it’s diet doesn’t mean it won’t give you diabetes: Even just two lower calorie soft drinks a day could cause problems for women in later life

Women who drink two diet drinks a day could be 30 per cent more likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke later in life, research has shown.

A study of 60,000 women in their 50s and 60s found a strong link between consuming large amounts of apparently healthy soft drinks and heart disease.

American researchers from the University of Iowa looked at the records of almost 60,000 women whose average age was 63.

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Educators trying to stop dangerous new game known as ‘Eraser Challenge’

A Connecticut middle school is trying to rub out a dangerous new fad called the “Eraser Challenge.”

According to FoxCT, in the Eraser Challenge, students take an eraser and rub it back and forth across their arm while reciting the alphabet and coming up with a word for each letter.

Once they get to the letter Z, they stop and show off their reddened skin to friends.

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The Marilu Henner Show – Monday March 31st, 2014

10:11 (PST) – Scott Shields, actor and co-founder of Econuts, and Mona Weiss, scientist and naturalist and also co-founder of Econuts

Mona-and-Scott-Horizontal-SmallAbout Scott

A serial entrepreneur, Scott started his first successful business at age 16. A former Pirates of the Caribbean Actor, Scott played Duncan in the first two movies before hanging up his pirate hat to pursue a more fulfilling role as president of Eco Nuts. He is an ecological enthusiast with a love for nature, animals and a pristine environment. Scott loves the water, snorkeling, paddle boarding, surfing and boogie boarding. His love for the ocean inspired him to make plastic-free products, and Eco Nuts as close to a plastic-free company as possible.

About Mona

Mona is a scientist, actress, model, comedian and an authority on all things truly eco. A graduate of Hampshire College, she has done wildlife rehabilitation, studied salamanders in western Massachusetts, discovered new species of micro spiders in the Costa Rican rainforest, and worked with leopards, lions, tigers and bears. She has been in movies and on TV since her debut on Sesame Street at age 5. A former animation artist, she has done much of the graphic arts for the company. Having suffered from a “normal detergent” allergy all her life as well as a sensitivity to dyes and fragrances, Mona is extremely discerning when it comes to products that touch her skin and has been very active in raising environmental awareness. Mona often speaks at industry events and is the one who usually writes the Eco Nuts blog posts.


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11:11 (PST) William Cane – is a best-selling author, former trial attorney, and founder of Manhattan Makeovers.

Attorney William Cane and Manhattan Makeovers have helped more than 3,000 clients look good onstage, on film, on television, and in courtrooms, boardrooms, and country clubs around the world. Mr. Cane (the pen name of Michael Christian) has directed more than a hundred stage, film, and television productions, including The Art of Kissing and the Off-Off-Broadway musical Meet the Real Ernest Shackleton.

His signature approach involves working one-on-one with attorneys, businesspeople, and artists to help them project a winning image for television, stage, courtroom, or personal interactions.

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4b0e1d6392010a82390b8a.L._V360823101_SX200_11:42 (PST) Dr. Steven Masley – is a board certified physician and nutritionist, a health researcher, speaker, author, and trained chef. He has won acclaim for helping patients reverse Type II diabetes and eliminate the symptoms of cardiovascular disease.

Currently, he is the President for the Masley Optimal Health Center, the medical director for the Ten Years Younger Program, and has a clinical appointment with the University of South Florida. He is also an instructor for the Lasting Leadership training at Eckerd College and at the Center for Leadership with Sykes College of Business at the University of Tampa.

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You Put WHAT in My Ice Cream??

After all of the research that has gone into the food articles I’ve been writing, I have to admit that there are more things on my “List of Stuff to Never Put in my Mouth” than there has ever been. Razor blades, small woodland creatures, marbles, and burning embers are now joined by anything from McDonalds, Subway, Burger King, or Arby’s. Admittedly, that’s probably a good thing, but one such item that got added to the list recently really hurt.

See, out there in the food universe, there is a fun little ingredient called Castoreum. A seemingly innocent enough looking word since there is no questionable “-izine” at the end of it. “Hey can you pass the Castoreum?” sounds perfectly normal. Well, take it from me, you don’t want to pass the Castoreum, you want to throw it out the nearest window … possibly after lighting it on fire.

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