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The Marilu Henner Show – Wednesday October 1st, 2014

Ginger Alden9:39AM (PST) – Ginger Alden, author of Elvis & Ginger: Elvis Presley’s Fiancee and Last Love Finally Tells Her story

The woman you are about to meet grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, and all her life “Memphis” was synonymous with “Elvis.” At a time when the culture of celebrity was taking shape, her and Elvis’ paths crossed multiple times before what Elvis later deemed fate intervened. When her sister, the newly crowned Miss Tennessee, was invited to Graceland to meet Elvis, she came along too, unaware that her life would be changed forever.

Ginger Alden is an actress and model, known for her role on the daytime soap opera Capitol. A spokeswoman for the Claridge Hotel and Casino, Ginger also starred in more than a hundred television commercials. She lives in Long Island, New York, with her husband and son.

Beth Hillson10:39AM (PST) – Beth Hillson, Food Editor of Living Without’s Gluten Free & More, and author of “The Complete Guide to Living Well Gluten Free”

For the three million Americans with celiac disease, avoiding gluten can be the difference between life and death—and when counting those who have non-celiac gluten sensitivity, the population of Americans suffering from gluten issues triples in size. For these nine and a half million people, health is not as simple as purchasing a gluten-free cookbook and changing a few things about their diets; celiac disease and other gluten-intolerant disorders require a complete lifestyle overhaul.

Beth Hillson is one of the leading experts on the gluten-free diet and lifestyle in the United States. She is the president of the American Celiac Disease Alliance, and founder of one of the first gluten-free companies, Gluten-Free Pantry, as well as the Food Editor of Living Without’s Gluten Free & More, the leading magazine for gluten-free and other special diets. She lives in Connecticut.

Dr. Joseph Shrand11:39AM (PST) – Dr. Joseph Shrand, author, “The Fear Reflex: 5 Ways to Overcome It and Trust Your Imperfect Self”

Think about it—when was the last time you got angry with someone who treated you with respect? The man you are about to meet is here to explore with you the latest understandings of this simple but profound interaction and the enormous untapped potential it has in our lives.

Dr. Joseph Shrand is a triple board certified psychiatrist in adult psychiatry, child and adolescence psychiatry, and addiction medicine. He is an instructor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and the medical director of CASTLE, a substance abuse program for teenagers challenged by addiction to drugs and alcohol. Today, we will discuss his new book, THE FEAR REFLEX: 5 Ways to Overcome It and Trust Your Imperfect Self. While fear is a natural part of how we’ve survived for millions of years, by it’s very nature, it can inhibit us from creative and rewarding endeavors. Dr. Shrand’s book provides simple and immediate implacable tools to overcome our fear reflex so we can live a rewarding and productive life.

The Marilu Henner Show – Tuesday September 30th, 2014

Marilyn Bradford9:39AM (PST) – Marilyn Bradford, author, “Right Recovery For You”

The woman you are about to meet is on a mission to change lives with this book — full of practical tools, stories, observations, and life-changing questions — that can be used by anyone struggling with an addictive or compulsive behavior. This book is for anyone who knows that 12-step programs are not for them.

Marilyn Bradford, MSSW, MEd, CFMW, is an international speaker, psychotherapist and teacher who has worked in the field of addiction for over 23 years. She specializes as a psychotherapist with a specialty in addictive and compulsive behaviors. She is the creator of Right Recovery For You, a radical and unique approach to ending any addictive or compulsive behavior. It was her own addictions to alcohol, food, cigarettes, wrongness of self, and her unwillingness to accept addiction as a life sentence, has enabled her to understand at the core and to create a successful program that actually empowers individuals to end addiction. Today she travels the world offering others a chance for true freedom from addiction.

Tom North10:39am (PST) – Tom North, author, “True North”: The Shocking Truth About “Yours, Mine and Ours”–An Inspirational Story of Survival and Hope

They appeared to be the blissful Beardsleys, the happily blended family–eight of Helen North’s, ten of Frank Beardsley’s, and two children from their union. A family so famous in America that Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda played the parents in a movie–Yours, Mine and Ours–that was the fourth highest grossing movie of 1968 and the Golden Globe winner. You saw the family in newspaper photos, TV news, movie newsreels and even Langendorf Bread commercials. But they were anything from blissful; in fact they were the beaten and battered Beardsleys.

Tom North is a writer, poet, and adventurer. As the eleventh of the twenty Beardsley children made famous in the film Yours, Mine and Ours, Tom had firsthand experience of what it was really like to grow up in that family in Carmel, California. Having spent his formative years growing up in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, Tom was guided to seek solace and sanity in nature and later, Eastern Meditation. Tom has written extensively about scuba diving, jade hunting in the wilds of Big Sur, and spiritual topics as well. He is a successful financial advisor, writer, poet, and motivational speaker. He is working on his second book, The Economics of Spiritual Transformation.

Dr. Larry Dossey11:39AM (PST) – Dr. Larry Dossey, author, “The Power of Premonitions: How Knowing the Future Can Shape Our Lives”

A dream prompts a mother to remove her baby from his crib an hour before a chandelier falls and smashes it. More than a dozen people are no shows for choir practice for the first time ever at the moment their church explodes. Before his patients ever call to say they’re coming to the hospital, an OBGYN gets a pain in his chest signaling they’re ready to deliver. Visions of planes crashing into buildings causes a mother to cancel her family’s Disney World trip scheduled for 9/11. Are these coincidences, or is something happening that we need to pay attention to? The man you are about to meet calls them “premonitions”, and he’s here to share with you what they mean.

Dr. Larry Dossey is an internal medicine physician, former Chief of Staff of Medical City Dallas Hospital, and former co-chairman of the Panel on Mind/Body Interventions, National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, National Institutes of Health. He is executive editor of the peer-previewed journal Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing. He is the author of twelve books on the role of consciousness and spirituality in health, which have been translated into languages around the world. His most recent book is ONE MIND: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters. He lectures around the world.

The Marilu Henner Show – Monday September 29th, 2014

Laura Fredricks9:08AM (PST) – Laura Fredricks a leading authority, multi-million dollar ASK-maker and Founder & CEO of The ASK

“Some people would rather stand in the longest supermarket line than ASK for their OWN needs,” says the woman you are about to meet who puts the world of asking into perspective by teaching everyday audiences how to confidently and successfully ASK for what they need, want and deserve.

As an attorney-turned-philanthropic advisor, LAURA FREDRICKS knows how to ASK. She has enjoyed a lengthy and successful career in industries best known for making high profile, multi-
million dollar A$KS – law and philanthropy – and is the first to merge strategies from both professional sectors into a mainstream practice known as THE ASK©.
This new practice has placed LAURA on the national and international speaking circuits at conferences around the world from Amsterdam to Ann Arbor, Bologna to Boca Raton, Kenya to Kentucky, Moscow to Montreal, Sydney to Seattle, plus Australia, Italy, and the Netherlands.

THE ASK© has also led LAURA to TV and radio appearances on local talk shows across the nation, and her expertise has been featured in national publications. Her four books on “How to A$K© for Money – and More of It” have become industry leaders. New books with “Asking Advice for Everyday Living” are coming soon.

The Man Who Sees Tomorrow in His Dreams10:39AM (PST) – John Desautels, author of “The Man Who Sees Tomorrow in His Dreams: With Faith so Can You”

Do you wish you could receive personal messages telling you what your future holds? What if you could wake up each morning knowing what was in store for you that day? As you face your daily struggles, would you like to receive concrete guidance for improving all aspects of your life? Throughout history, dreams have been associated with revelation and prophecy. All this mystery may leave us wondering what a particular dream means to the dreamer. The man you are about to meet is here to tell you how you can find out what the future holds from your dreams.

John retired from Eastman Kodak Company at its high-speed printing systems operation in Dayton, Ohio. In a career of more than 30 years, he served in several managerial positions responsible for the development and implementation of complex software applications and workflow solutions for the product family. John’s work experience provided opportunities for extensive domestic and international travel that included 10 trips to Israel in a short 5-year period and further broadened his lifelong interest in different cultures, traditions and religions.
Prior to joining Kodak, John lived for a short time in Florida where he was first introduced to an Edgar Cayce study group and metaphysical concepts that shaped the course of his life. He began the practice of meditation and started a serious study of his dreams; in Ohio, he lectured on dreams and taught classes at one of the local churches, as well as participating in an Edgar Cayce study group. The practical application of the new concepts was as important to him as the more theoretical considerations. For him, he had to be able to apply guidance received from meditation and through his dreams for it to be truly meaningful.

From student to practitioner, John has become proficient not only in interpreting his dreams, but seeing his life unfold in his dreams before the physical manifestation that are normally the next day’s events. His premonitions and precognitive dreams about significant events, sometimes on a global scale, are proof of a power at work that can be accessed and relied upon for daily guidance.
John E. Desautels is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Vermont and holds a master’s degree in mathematics from Ohio State University. He spent more than thirty years with the Eastman Kodak Company, serving in managerial positions responsible for the development and implementation of complex software applications and workflow solutions.

John now lives in Largo, Florida, where he is pursuing his interest in spirituality and writing.

Dr. John Kowalczyk11:39AM (PST) – Dr. John Kowalczyk, Physician

John Kowalczyk, D.O. is a board certified urologist practicing at the same location for 12 years. Founder and director of The Urology Group of Southern California.
A member of the Good Samaritan Hospital of Los Angeles medical staff since 1999. He is actively involved in the hospital sitting as a member of the Medical Executive Committee for 10. Holding the position as section chief of urology for over 8 years. Current chair of patient safety committee. Previous chair of performance improvement committee helping the hospital successfully pass two accreditation cycles.

At the state level John is the president elect for the Osteopathic Physician and Surgeons of California. He is a member of the Board of Directors for the OPSC. From a national level he has been elected to my third year as a delegate to the national House of Delegates of the American Osteopathic Association.

His practice provides general surgical urologic care to the downtown Los Angeles area. They accept most insurances and Medicare. He is a past member of the board of directors for the Good Samaritan Medical Practice Association IPA and sits on the Utilization Review committee. He is also on staff at St. Vincent’s Medical Center, California Hospital Medical Center, Brotman Medical Center, Olympia Medical Center and Cedars Sinai Medical Center.

The Marilu Henner Show – Friday September 26th, 2014

Marisa Kenson9:08AM (PST) – Marisa Kenson, Fashion Designer and Apparel Manufacturer

The woman you are about to meet has an awesome career as a Fashion Designer and apparel manufacturer that spans more than two decades.

Marisa Kenson’s career as a Fashion Designer and apparel manufacturer spans more than two decades. She has worked with leading national retailers to design, develop, merchandise and produce many of their national brands. Marisa has been appointed as a Design Director for some of the industry’s most successful manufacturers, with net sales well over 1 BILLION DOLLARS.
In 2008, Marisa began to pursue her own personal style and point of view when she developed a line with her namesake. Marisa’s quest to give women fashion that is flattering and forgiving led to the development of the Patent Pending “Invisible Belt Dress”, a favorite among celebrities. Using her expertise in the apparel industry, Marisa co-founded the MK Collab. A new platform in e-commerce.

Marisa has been collaborating with several celebrities to continue to release new and different products into the marketplace.
The collaboration between the Marisa Kenson Collections brand and Youngevity International is a paradigm shift in the apparel industry.

Jo Piazza9:39AM (PST) – Jo Piazza is a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal and her work has appeared in The New York Times, New York magazine, Glamour, Gotham, the Daily Beast, and Slate, and, she’s the author of the book, “If Nuns Ruled the World: Ten Sisters on a Mission”

JO PIAZZA is a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal and her work has appeared in The New York Times, New York magazine, Glamour, Gotham, the Daily Beast, and Slate. She has also appeared as a commentator on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and NPR. She is currently the Managing Editor for Yahoo Travel. Piazza holds an undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Pennsylvania, a masters in journalism from Columbia University, and a masters in religious studies from New York University. She lives in New York City with her giant dog.

Tavis Smiley11:39AM (PST) – Tavis Smiley is the host of the late night television talk show, Tavis Smiley on PBS as well as The Tavis Smiley Show from Public Radio International. He has authored and co authored 16 books, several of which were NY Times bestsellers

The man you are about to meet is the host of a late night television talk show, is a radio star, and has authored 16 books, several of which were NY TIMES bestsellers.

From his celebrated conversations with world figures to his work to inspire the next generation of leaders, Tavis Smiley — broadcaster, author, publisher, advocate, and philanthropist — has emerged as an outstanding voice for change. Smiley is currently the host of the late-night television talk show Tavis Smiley on PBS, as well as The Tavis Smiley Show from Public Radio International (PRI), and the daily online radio program, Tavis Talks, on the Tavis Smiley Network (TSN) on BlogTalk Radio.
In addition to his radio and television work, Smiley has written 16 books. His memoir, What I Know for Sure: My Story of Growing Up in America, became a New York Times best seller, and the book he edited, Covenant with Black America, became the first nonfiction book by a Black-owned publisher to reach #1 on The New York Times best-sellers list.
In his latest New York Times best seller, The Rich and the Rest of Us: A Poverty Manifesto, Smiley and his co-author Dr. Cornel West challenge all Americans to re-examine their assumptions about poverty in America — what it really is and how to eradicate it.

His communications company, The Smiley Group, Inc., is dedicated to supporting human rights and related empowerment issues and serves as the holding company for various enterprises encompassing broadcast and print media, lectures, symposiums, book publishing, and the Internet.
Smiley’s achievements have earned him numerous awards and honorary doctorate degrees, including one from his alma mater, Indiana University. In 2009, Indiana University named the atrium of its School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) building “The Tavis Smiley Atrium.” Smiley is also the recipient of the prestigious Du Bois Medal from Harvard University and the 2009 Interdependence Day Prize from Demos in Istanbul, Turkey. TIME magazine has honored Smiley as one of “The World’s 100 Most Influential People.” On April 24, 2014, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce honored Mr. Smiley with a star on the Hollywood Walk of fame.

The Marilu Henner Show – Thursday September 25th, 2014

Conrad Ricamora9:39AM (PST) – Conrad Ricamora is an actor starring as Ninoy Aquino in the smash David Byrne/Fatboy Slim musical “Here Lies Love” playing at the Public Theatre in New York City. He is also featured in the new Shondra Rhimes ABC TV Show, “How to Get Away with Murder”

Conrad Ricamora won 2013 Theatre World Award in category Outstanding Broadway/Off-Broadway debut for Here Lies Love. His favorite roles: played Romeo, Benvolio, Paris, and Juliet in 4 different productions of Romeo & Juliet; Tom in Glass Menagerie; Tartuffe; Kenny in Fuddy Meers. His TV upcoming – “How To Get Away With Murder” with Viola Davis. He also starred in a film Talladega Nights with Will Ferrell. Conrad Ricamora training includes M.F.A., University of Tennessee; Walnut St. Theatre Acting Fellowship; B.A. – Psychology, Queens University of Charlotte.

Delia Ephron10:39AM (PST) – Delia Ephron, is a bestselling author and screenwriter. Her movies include The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, You’ve Got Mail, Hanging Up (based on her novel), and Michael

The woman you are about to meet brings her trademark wit to a series of autobiographical essays about life, love, sisterhood, movies and family and she’s here to share all of them with you.

Delia Ephron is a bestselling author and screenwriter. Her movies include The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, You’ve Got Mail, Hanging Up (based on her novel), and Michael. She has written novels, her most recent being The Lion Is In; books of humor, among them How to Eat Like a Child; and essays. Her journalism has appeared regularly in The New York Times, O: The Oprah Magazine, Vogue, More, and The Huffington Post. Ephron’s hit play Love, Loss, and What I Wore (co-written with Nora Ephron) ran for more than two years off-Broadway and has been performed in Paris, Rio, Sydney, and elsewhere around the world. She lives in New York City.

The Marilu Henner Show – Wednesday September 24th, 2014

Barbara Reich9:39AM (PST) – Barbara Reich, professional organizer & author of “Secrets of an Organized Mom”

All of you, especially mothers, can feel like life is running on a never-ending loop. The woman you are about to meet has all the strategies to “stay ahead of the curve”.

For Professional Organizer Barbara Reich of Resourceful Consultants, eliminating clutter is a way of life. Barbara tackles organization with a 360-degree approach, streamlining the homes, schedules and daily lives of her discerning clients. Equal parts affable and type A personality, Barbara’s tough-love approach yields real results and lasting change.
With a BA in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA in Management from New York University, Barbara began her career as a management consultant, a profession in which she excelled as a result of her efficiency and attention to detail. Today she applies the same skills to help her clients rid their homes of excess clutter, streamline overbooked days and improve quality of living.
Known for creating solutions that are as aesthetically appealing as they are practical, Barbara transforms each space from the inside out. From powerful executives to busy mothers, clients appreciate Barbara’s unwavering confidentiality and eye for design.

A native of North Miami Beach, Barbara formed Resourceful Consultants, LLC in 1999. She and her husband, real estate attorney Jeff Reich, live in Manhattan with their teenage twins. Barbara has appeared on the Today Show and has been featured in the New York Times and New York Post among other publications. Her book, Secrets of an Organized Mom, is currently on shelves.

Hallie Rich10:39AM (PST) – Hallie Rich, vitamin expert and Founder and CEO of AlternaVites

When it comes to diet and nutrition, few issues elicit as much debate and myth creation than vitamin and dietary supplements and the woman you are about to meet is here to address the misinformation that has grown over the years around vitamins and supplements and their use and benefits.

Hallie Rich is the third generation in her family to be involved in the vitamin industry. She worked side by side with both her father and grandmother at Evergood Products Corp, her family’s business, whose subsidiaries were responsible for the manufacturing and marketing of more than 1,000 nutritional supplement products sold at stores nationwide including Wal-Mart, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe and Great Earth. Starting out on the manufacturing floor, then moving on to a series of positions including product development, research & development, marketing, advertising, and strategic analysis, Hallie rose through the ranks to become a senior executive at the Company.
During this time it was a closely kept secret that Hallie, despite being integrally involved in the supplement industry, never took any vitamins herself because she has difficulty swallowing pills. Following the death of her father, Hallie went out on her own and founded Rich Vitamins LLC to meet the needs of people like herself looking for nutritional products that are easy to swallow. Hallie introduced alternaVites in 2009 and in the process, redefined how people can take their daily vitamins.

Hallie received her BA with honors from the University of Michigan. She is the co-founder of Rich in Love, a charity that raises money for cancer research & prevention programs. To date, this charity has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. Additionally, a portion of each sale goes to supporting the work of Vitamin Angels and St. Judes Hospital.

Daniel Baldwin11:39AM (PST) – Actor, Daniel Baldwin

Wisdom Movie

The recent passing of actor and comedian Robin Williams brings increased attention to illnesses that far too many people suffer from: substance use and depression. These two afflictions are closely tied together; some people turn to drugs and alcohol to combat depression. For others, substance abuse leads to depression. Any addiction can trigger a multitude of negative feelings such as guilt, sadness, shame, hopelessness, helplessness, powerlessness, anger, anxiety and fear. The man you are about to meet has written and directed THE WISDOM TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE, which speaks squarely to this topic.

Daniel Baldwin is no stranger to both feature films and television. He was in the HBO production “Grey Gardens” where he plays Julius Krug, the former Secretary of the Interior under President Truman and secret true love of Little Edie played by Drew Barrymore. The film also stars Jessica Lange as Big Edie and is based on the true life of Jackie Kennedy’s eccentric aunt and first cousin — both named Edith Bouvier Beale (a.k.a. “Big and Little Edie”).
Other notable film roles for Baldwin have included Oliver Stone’s film “Born on the Fourth of July,” “Mullholland Falls,” “Trees Lounge” (Steve Buscemi’s directorial debut), John Carpenter’s “Vampire$” (with James Woods) and “Paparazzi” (with Cole Hauser and Dennis Farina).
Baldwin is remembered for his role as the marriage-troubled Beau Felton in the hit series “Homicide: Life on the Street.” His television appearances include Showtime’s critically acclaimed movie “Our Fathers,” the SCI FI original movie “Anonymous Rex,” the TV movie “Open House” (in which he starred opposite Christine Lahti), and “Killing Moon” with Penelope Ann Miller. Baldwin has also appeared as a guest star on “Cold Case” and “The Closer.”

Born and raised in Massapequa, Long Island, New York, Baldwin is one of the many talented Baldwin brothers. Before embarking on an acting career, he was a stand-up comedian.

The Marilu Henner Show – Tuesday September 23rd, 2014

9:39AM (PST) – Dr. Roger Landry is a preventive medicine physician, author of award-winning Live Long, Die Short: A Guide to Authentic Health and Successful Aging

In our fast-paced, stressed-out and high-tech world, we are bombarded with often conflicting messages on how to stay healthy as we age. We’ve become obsessed with fighting the aging process with quick fixes and fads involving complicated exercise routines, draconian diets and warnings which seemingly are against doing anything we enjoy. The man you are about to meet is an expert on aging and is here to share with us how to stay healthy as we age.

Dr. Roger Landry received his MD at Tufts University School of Medicine and his MPH 9 (Masters in Public Health) at Harvard University School of Public Health. He is currently the President of Masterpiece Living, a group of multi-discipline specialists in aging who partner with communities to assist them in becoming destinations for continued growth. Dr. Landry was a flight surgeon in the U.S. Air Force for over 22 years and retired as a highly-decorated full colonel and chief flight surgeon at the Air Force Surgeon General’s Office in Washington, DC. His work took place on five continents and he was medically involved in a number of significant world events including: Vietnam, the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster, the Beirut bombing of the Marine Barracks, the first seven Shuttle launches, and the first manned balloon crossing of the Pacific. He was a member of a group awarded a grant by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Active Living by Design initiative to make cities more healthy and livable.
Dr. Roger Landry is a preventive medicine physician, author of award-winning Live Long, Die Short: A Guide to Authentic Health and Successful Aging and President of Masterpiece Living, a group of multi-discipline specialists inaging who partner with communities to assist them in becoming destinations for continued growth. Trained at Tufts University School of Medicine and Harvard University School of Public Health, Dr. Landry specializes in building environments that empower older adults to maximize their unique potential.

He has been featured nationally and internationally on radio and TV with NBC, FOX News, ABC and CBS as well as BBC and 2GB radio. Dr. Landry has also written exclusive articles, and been called on as an expert in the field of aging, by publications such as US News and World Report, Huffington Post US/Canada, –Assisted Living, Expert Beacon and eHow and makes regular appearances on MBLN. Dr. Landry was also featured in GRAND Magazine, Senior Planet, Journal of Aging and Health, Denver Post and ThirdAge, and his book, Live Long, Die Short has been endorsed by AARP and was a 2014 top pick of MORE magazine.

Deborah Downey10:39AM (PST) – Deborah Downey, Certified Life Coach

It’s possible for people from all walks of life to live without worry, doubt and fear, says the woman you about to meet who found meaningful romance later in life after her husband passed away, and has enjoyed a fulfilling life despite living with multiple sclerosis for 25 years. For older singles looking to date and something more, there’s plenty to feel optimistic about. More than ever, there are more singles 40 and older who are looking for love.

Deborah Downey holds certifications as a professional life coach. In her self-help book, “What Are You Worried About!“, Downey, a multiple sclerosis sufferer, details a proactive approach to training one’s mind to think in positive ways.

Right Recovery for You11:39AM (PST) – Marilyn Bradford, author, “Right Recovery for You

The woman you are about to meet is on a mission to change lives with her book — full of practical tools, stories, observations, and life-changing questions — that can be used by anyone struggling with an addictive or just compulsive behavior in general. Her book is for any addictive or compulsive behavior, and it’s a book for anyone who knows that 12-step programs are not for them.

Marilyn Bradford, MSSW, MEd, CFMW, is an international speaker, psychotherapist and teacher who has worked in the field of addiction for over 23 years. She specializes as a psychotherapist with a specialty in addictive and compulsive behaviors. She is the creator of Right Recovery For You, a radical and unique approach to ending any addictive or compulsive behavior. It was her own addictions to alcohol, food, cigarettes, wrongness of self, and her unwillingness to accept addiction as a life sentence, has enabled her to understand at the core and to create a successful program that actually empowers individuals to end addiction. Today she travels the world offering others a chance for true freedom from addiction.

The Marilu Henner Show – Monday September 22nd, 2014

Rebecca Alexander9:39AM (PST) – Rebecca Alexander, author of “Not Fade Away: A Memoir of Senses Lost and Found”

No one would blame the woman you are about to meet if she gave up on life. Born with a rare genetic mutation called Usher Syndrome Type 3, she has been simultaneously losing both her sight and hearing since she was a teenager. She was told that by age 30, she would be completely blind. Then, at 19, one year after a fall from a second story window left her athletic body completely shattered, she discovered she would lose her hearing as well. Despite these difficulties, she refused to lose her drive and zest for life, and incredibly rose above and beyond every challenge she faced.

Rebecca Alexander is a psychotherapist, extreme athlete and activist. She grew up in Northern California and holds two Master’s Degrees from Columbia University. She lives in New York City with her mini goldendooldle, Olive.

Dr. Gary Chapman10:39AM (PST) – Dr. Gary Chapman, author of the NY Times bestseller, “The 5 Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to your Mate”

Falling in love is easy. All it takes is a class together, an adjacent cubicle, or a chance meeting. After a couple dates, you may want to spend the rest of your life with this person. But what you may not realize is that maintaining healthy relationships is a daily, lifelong pursuit. It doesn’t have to be an arduous pursuit and the man you are about to meet is here to teach you how.

Married more than 45 years to Karolyn, Dr. Gary Chapman is just the man to turn to for help on improving or healing our most important relationships. His own life experiences, plus over thirty-five years of pastoring and marriage counseling, led him to publish his first book in the Love Language series, The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate. Millions of readers credit this continual New York Times bestseller with saving their marriages by showing them simple and practical ways to communicate their love to their partner.
Since the success of his first book, Dr. Chapman has expanded his Five Love Languages series to specifically reach out to teens, singles, men, and children (co-authored with Dr. Ross Campbell).
He is the author of numerous other books published by Moody Publishers/Northfield Publishing, including The World’s Easiest Guide to Family Relationships, Anger, The Family You’ve Always Wanted, The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted, Desperate Marriages, God Speaks Your Love Language (Jan 09), Parenting Your Adult Child, and Hope for the Separated. He co-authored The Five Languages of Apology with Dr. Jennifer Thomas.
Chapman speaks to thousands of couples nationwide through his weekend marriage conferences. He hosts a nationally syndicated radio program, Love Language Minute, and a Saturday morning program, Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman, that air on more than 100 stations. Dr. Chapman also serves as senior associate pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Dr. Chapman holds BA and MA degrees in anthropology from Wheaton College and Wake Forest University, respectively, MRE and PhD degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and has completed postgraduate work at the University of North Carolina and Duke University.
Dr. Chapman and his wife have two adult children and two grandchildren, and currently live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

The Marilu Henner Show – Friday September 19th, 2014

Gail Sheehy9:39AM (PST) – Gail Sheehy, author of the classic bestseller “Passages” and author of her latest book, “Daring: My Passages”

The woman you are about to meet is the author of the classic New York Times bestseller Passages and she now dares to write her own candid memoir – a thrilling tour of her trials and triumphs as a groundbreaking “girl” journalist in the 1960’s, her evolution into an iconic guide for women and men seeking to have it all, and her renown as one of the political profilers of modern times.

Gail Sheehy is the author of sixteen books, including the classic New York Times bestseller Passages, named one of the ten most influential books of our times by the Library of Congress. A multiple award-winning literary journalist, she was one of the original contributors to New York magazine and has been a contributing editor to Vanity Fair since 1984. A popular lecturer, Sheehy was named AARP’s Ambassador of Caregiving in 2009. She lives in New York City.

Todd Sampson10:39AM (PST) – Todd Sampson, adventurer, entrepreneur and Host of “Hack My Brain”

What if you could make your mind better, faster and stronger starting right now? Well the man you are about to meet is searching for answers and is here to share those answers with you.

The eclectic life of Todd Sampson began on Cape Breton Island, off the north east coast of Canada. He grew up in modest circumstances. His father was a factory worker for Coca-Cola and his mother a checkout girl for KFC. While neither of them had any formal education, Todd entered university on full scholarship studying biology and economics and then went on to complete an MBA by age 24.
Todd is the national CEO of Leo Burnett Australia – one of the world’s leading communication companies – they were recently ranked as the 7th most creative company in the world. He is the co-creator of the Earth Hour initiative – the largest environmental movements in history – reaching over 1.4 billion people in over 5500 cities. The Financial Review and News Limited ranked him as one of the most influential executives in Australia. He has won CEO of the Year twice and has featured on the cover of BRW magazine. Todd is also the breakout star and co-host of the smash hit ABC show The Gruen Transfer. This unique show is one of the most watched programs on Australian TV -winning multiple international awards including the prestigious Rose d’OrAward for entertainment. He is also a regular host on the Channel 10 news show The Project and has featured on CNN and Sky News.

Todd recently handed his brain over to science to become host and ‘human lab rat’ in a groundbreaking science documentary series called Redesign My Brain. It was one of the most watched Australian science documentaries of all time and won the ACCTA Award (Australian Oscars) for Best TV Documentary of the Year. It’s now being shown around the world on the Discovery Channel. Todd is undoubtedly one of Australia’s freshest and interesting TV personalities with the ability to combine intelligent insight, with humility. One reviewer colourfully captured his unique ‘science-adventurer’ style, “If Bear Grylls had a love child with Brian Cox, it would be Todd Sampson”. He’s also climbed to the top of Mount Everest, unguided.

Joel Grey11:39AM (PST) – Oscar, Tony and Golden Globe winner Joel Grey

“Wilkomen. Bienvenue, welcome!” How else would you greet the man you are about to meet who won a Tony, a Golden Globe and an Oscar, and he’s here to share his fascinating life with you.

In a career that was launched in the early 1950’s, Joel Grey has created indelible stage roles each decade since. Grey made his theatrical debut at the age of 9 in the Cleveland Playhouse production of On Borrowed Time (and recently directed a production of the play for Two River Theater Company’s 20th Anniversary Season). He made his Broadway debut exactly two decades later as a replacement in Neil Simon’s first comedy hit, Come Blow Your Horn (1961). Since then, his Broadway credits include the Stop the World I Want to Get Off, Half a Sixpence, Cabaret (Tony Award), George M! (Tony nomination), Goodtime Charley (Tony nomination), The Grand Tour (Tony nomination), Chicago (Drama Desk Award), Wicked and most recently, Roundabout Theatre Company’s Tony Award-winning revival of Anything Goes. Joel’s dramatic stage roles include Marco Polo Sings a Solo, Chekhov’s Platonov, the Roundabout Theatre production of Give Me Your Answer, Do! (Drama Desk nomination) and Larry Kramer’s seminal The Normal Heart at the Public Theatre, which he also co-directed with George C. Wolfe in its Broadway premiere (Drama Desk Award, Tony nomination). In 2012, Joel served as Master Teacher for the Ten Chimney’s Lunt-Fontanne Fellowship Program, which focused on the American Musical Theatre.
Joel received the Academy Award, the Golden Globe and the British Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in the 1972 film version of Cabaret (directed by Bob Fosse). He is one of only nine actors to have won both the Tony and Academy Award for the same role. Other film credits include Man on A Swing, Robert Altman’s Buffalo Bill and the Indians, The Seven Percent Solution, Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins, Steven Soderbergh’s Kafka, Altman’s The Player, The Music of Chance, Michael Ritchie’s adaptation of The Fantasticks, Lars von Trier’s Dancer in the Dark and Clark Gregg’s Choke. Recent television appearances include “Brooklyn Bridge” (Emmy nomination), “OZ”, “Law and Order: CI”, “House”, “Brothers & Sisters”, “Private Practice”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Nurse Jackie” and “Warehouse 13”. He was recently honored for his illustrious television career by The Paley Center for Media in both NYC and Los Angeles.

Joel is also an accomplished photographer. He has four books of photographs, Pictures I Had to Take (2003), Looking Hard at Unexamined Things (2006), 1.3 – Images From My Phone (2009), and The Billboard Papers, which was released in fall 2013 in conjunction with an exhibition at The Steven Kasher Gallery in NYC. Joel is the father of Jennifer and James and the grandfather of Stella.

The Marilu Henner Show – Thursday September 18th, 2014

Dr. Laurence Steinberg9:39AM (PST) – Dr. Laurence Steinberg, author of the book, “Age of Opportunity: Lessons From the New Science of Adolescence”

We tend to think of adolescence as a problem waiting to happen. As a result, we have incredibly low expectations for the period—we are satisfied if our kids survive these years without something terrible happening to them. But the man you are about to meet says it’s a time when kids are more susceptible to positive influences, too, not just harmful ones. So instead of just trying to help our kids survive, we can think of adolescence as a time when we can actually help them thrive.

Laurence Steinberg, Distinguished University Professor of Psychology at Temple University, is the author of the leading textbook on adolescence, as well as over 350 scholarly articles and a dozen books. He has written for numerous publications, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and Psychology Today and is a regular guest on NPR. He lives in Philadelphia.

SQuire Rushnell10:39AM (PST) – SQuire Rushnell and Louise DuArt

If you have ever experienced those so called coincidences in life that you’ve been dismissing so easily, you are going to want to meet our next guests who will explain why these coincidences do truly mean something, and you need to pay attention to them.

SQuire Rushnell, yes, capital Q … he’s a popular speaker and the New York Times Bestselling author who introduced the word “godwink” into the language—“coincidences that aren’t really coincidence.” SQuire has more than one million books in print and his Godwink Stories have become a popular monthly feature on the NBC Today Show. As a veteran ABC Television Network executive, he led Good Morning America to number one and was a father of the acclaimed Schoolhouse Rock series and ABC After School Specials. Programs under his direction captured more than 75 Emmy Awards. Called “America’s Encourager,” SQuire is a riveting storyteller on speaking tours with Godwink Gatherings or Seven Steps to BE GREAT. With his wife, comedienne Louise DuArt, they perform Boomer Celebration or An Evening of Music, Inspiration & Comedy.

Louise DuArt, known as “One of The World’s Best Comedic/Impressionists,” Louise has co-starred with Tim Conway in sell-out performances throughout the US and Canada for fifteen seasons. Clean and funny, Louise executes fast-paced conversations between Bart Simpson, Judge Judy, Joan Rivers, Barbra Streisand, Barbara Walters, and dozens more. SQuire observes, “I never know who I’m waking up next to.” A popular Women Of Faith speaker, Louise has co-authored two books with SQuire, Godwink Stories: A Devotional and Couples Who Pray. She hosted a popular daily talk show on the ABC Family Channel for eight seasons and has starred in various Broadway productions, garnering rave reviews.

SQuire and Louise live on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

Robert Bianco11:39AM (PST) – Robert Bianco, TV critic, USA Today

Fall TV Preview, Robert Bianco, USA TODAY

Robert Bianco has been the TV critic at USA Today since 1998 and is the longest serving TV critic in the paper’s admittedly not-so-long history. A 1977 graduate of the University of Michigan, Robert got his law degree from the University of Virginia in 1980 and worked as a lawyer for six years – before joining the Pittsburgh Press in 1986. He worked there for six years until the Press folded, and then moved to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for another six years. He has been named one of the six most influential television critics in the nation by Variety, but he still can’t get his family to watch what he tells them to watch.