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The Marilu Henner Show – Monday November 30th 2015

Paul Mecurio9:30AM (PST) – Paul Mecurio, comedian

Podcast, ​“Adam Carolla Presents – ​​Paul Mecurio 2 Chairs and a Micrphone

Emmy and Peabody Award winner for his work on “The Daily Show w/Jon Stewart”, Paul Mecurio has appeared in his own Comedy Central Special, on “The Late,Late Show”, “Conan O’brien”, “The Tonight Show” and is a regular commentator/satirist and host on CNN, Fox News, ESPN, MSNBC. Paul is a Graduate of Georgetown Law School with high honors and previously was a Wall Street Lawyer and Investment banker at a top tier international law firm (Willkie Farr & Gallagher) and Investment Bank (Credit Suisse). While working there, he executed multi-billion dollar M&A transactions for Fortune 100 companies. After being hired by Jay Leno to write jokes for “The Tonight Show”, and living a secret double life as a Wall Street lawyer/banker by day and comedian by night, Paul left Wall Street to be a comedian. With 3 television shows in development and a national presence as a talk show host and guest and comedian, Paul definitely made the right decision!

Dr. Kathy Gruver10:30AM (PST) – Dr. Kathy Gruver, Natural Health Speaker, Author, Educator and Practitioner

Her latest book Journey of Healing: One woman’s path to healing self and others is available now

Kathy Gruver, PhD is an award-winning author and the host of the national TV show based on her first book, The Alternative Medicine Cabinet (winner Beverly Hills Book Awards). She has earned her PhD in Natural Health and has authored five books in all with two books on stress: Body/Mind Therapies for the Bodyworker and, Conquer Your Stress with Mind/Body Techniques (Winner Indie Excellence Awards, Beverly Hills Book Awards, Global E-book Awards, Irwin Awards, Finalist for the USA Best Books Award). Her latest book, Journey of Healing was just released. She has studied mind/body medicine at the famed Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine at Harvard Medical School and pursued further education at The National Institutes of Health. Gruver has been featured as an expert in numerous publications including Glamour, Fitness, Time, More, Women, Wall Street Journal, CNN, WebMD, Prevention, Huffington Post,, Ladies Home Journal, First, Women, Massage and Bodywork magazine, and Massage Magazine. She has written dozens of health and wellness articles and contributing posts. Dr. Gruver has appeared as a guest expert on over 250 radio and TV shows including NPR, SkyNews London, Morning Blend in Las Vegas, CBS Radio, and Lifetime Television, and has done over 200 educational lectures around the country for everyone from nurses in the Middle East to 911 dispatchers in New Orleans, corporations around the US and teachers in her own backyard. She is currently working a project for the military to create and institute a stress reduction program. For fun and stress relief Dr. Gruver does flying trapeze and hip hop dance.

Derek Lin

Photo credit: Cathryn Farnsworth

11:15AM (PST) – Derek Lin, author of “The Tao of Happiness: Stories from Chuang Tzu for Your Spiritual Journey”
The Tao of Happiness

Derek Lin is the award-winning author of The Tao of Daily LifeThe Tao of Success, and The Tao of Joy Every Day. He was born in Taiwan and grew up with native fluency in both Chinese and English. This background lets him convey Eastern teachings to Western readers in a way that is clear, simple, and authentic. Lin has utilized his linguistic skills to create a Tao Te Ching translation that has been lauded by critics as setting a new standard for accuracy and faithfully capturing the lyrical beauty of the original. He is an active speaker and educator on the Tao Te Ching and the Tao in general.

Lori Depp

Photo credit: Suzanne Allison

11:30AM (PST) – Lori Depp, Celeb Make-up Artist (Holiday party make-up tips)

Check out Serendeppity – lip gloss brand

Lori Depp‘s three favorite things are music, movies, and make-up!
When she was about eight years old, she started to cut the hair off her dolls and draw make-up on them with pens. This really pissed her mother off because they were fairly poor, and the dolls were a luxury. By the time she was eleven, she was drawing eyes on pieces of paper with eyeliner and eye shadow, the lips she drew were drawn with lipstick, and the cheeks were rouge. Lori was thirteen when she walked into a small make-up boutique on Collins Avenue, in Miami Beach. The sales lady did her make up… THAT’S when she learned the difference between enhancing your features as opposed to exaggerating them.
At fourteen, her biggest influences were musicians, groupies, models, drag queens, and actors and actresses. Lori had David Bowie and his remarkable chameleon-ship to thank for pointing her in a direction that allowed her to explore a less traditional future. Most of the kids she knew in school were going to become Doctors or Lawyers. At sixteen she had rainbow streaks in her hair, shaved off eyebrows, and a lot of unconventional articles of clothing that she wasn’t afraid to wear…in public. Lori was considered a freak among her peers, but the ability to be creative was more important to her than fitting in. In the late 70’s, when she was nineteen, Lori moved to New York City. There, she was surrounded by some really talented, (and not so talented) inspiring people; people that pushed the envelope and aspired to do EVERYTHING out of the ordinary. She lived at The Chelsea Hotel during the “infamous Sid and Nancy days”. It was a mecca of diversity and artistry. It was, to say the least, epically educational.

Prior to becoming a professional make-up artist, Lori’s real passion was the music business. In the 1980’s, when she was just about twenty one, she moved to Los Angeles where she had a lot of friends in the music industry. They were able to open doors to the possibilities of realizing her dream and to take what she learned to the next level. Her ultimate goal in life was to become a record producer, but as fate would have it a target shooting mishap left Lori partially deaf in her left ear and it was painfully clear that any chance of fulfilling that dream was over. Lori was lucky enough to have something that she loved to fall back on, once the music business endeavor didn’t work out. For her, doing make-up was equal (in a creative sense) to making records. It was something artistic, something she was good at, and less difficult because women were much more welcomed in this industry.
Her career as a professional make-up artist began with the help of very good (and greatly talented) friends, Adam Ant and Christina Applegate. Thanks to them, Lori was able to move quickly from amateur to professional. Christina (Applegate) gave her very first professional make-up kit, as well as giving her first jobs within the Television community. Adam (Ant) gave her the opportunity to work on her very first film and her first play. He also introduced Lori to the up and coming photographers, who then put their subjects in her hands. Without these wonderful, talented people, she would not have had the long list of clients or jobs that she has been fortunate enough to have.

From films, TV, Videos, and Print work, to Fashion shows, Red Carpet events, and Awards shows, Lori had so many amazing experiences as a make-up artist, and she continues to learn something new every time she works… ever changing, ever challenging. Lori is happy to say that she still loves it!

The Marilu Henner Show – Best of – Friday November 27th 2015

NEXT YEAR PEOPLEColin Hay, musician

New album NEXT YEAR PEOPLE is available now
Colin is doing shows all over the US and the UK and you can check the dates here

Colin Hay’s voice and visage are familiar to millions as front-man, songwriter, and vocalist of pop sensation Men at Work (“Down Under”, “Overkill”, “Who Can it Be Now?”). But over the past 15 years he has reinvented himself as a solo artist, regularly selling out theaters and listening rooms across the US and around the world and introducing himself to a new generation of fans in the process.

The frequent use of his music in TV and film—including hit shows such as Scrubs (on which he has made several cameo appearances) Army Wives and Modern Family, the hit soundtrack to the film Garden State and the recently released Words and Pictures — has proven the timeless appeal of his songs.
NEXT YEAR PEOPLE is the work of an artist who is a true master of his craft. The album is full of quizzical, curious, cynical yet open hearted songs with catchy melodic hooks that underscore deeply insightful lyrics. Some of the songs are based on Colin’s personal experiences such as “Waiting in the Rain” written about his parents and the almost mystical experience he had growing up in a music shop in Scotland, surrounded by instruments and a constant stream of 50’s and 60’s radio hits. Others, according to Colin, “just appear from somewhere” such as “Mr. Grogan”, a dark study of a fictional character whom he has been developing over the years. The album’s title track, “Next Year People”, is a stand out composition—a stark but beautiful homage to the Depression-era farmers who kept going by holding on to hope that next year would be better. The album was produced by Hay and mixed by Chad Fischer (Chasing Mavericks, Ice Age 3, Lisa Loeb) and includes contributions from two young Cuban musicians, San Miguel Perez and Yosmel Montejo, both of whom recently emigrated from Havana, as well Larry Goldings on piano, Jeff Babko (Jimmy Kimmel) on B3, and as Colin’s wife, vocalist Cecilia Noël.

Though his influences are diverse, NEXT YEAR PEOPLE is distinctly a Colin Hay album. His familiar acoustic guitar slips in and out of the 12 tracks, and the lyrics show the thoughtfulness and poignancy that fans have come to expect of him.

Barbara KBarbara K from DIYVA
DIYVA by Barbara K on Facebook

Barbara K, is an author, owner of the first NYC female owned Construction Management and General Contracting Company developer of the Pillow Purse and founder and CEO of DIYVA PRODUCT, tools made for women found currently online at and in the Midwest at Home Depot and on Amazon.

She truly wants to inspire and encourage women.

Sarah Hepola

Photo credit: Zan Keith

Sarah Hepola, author of the instant NY Times bestselling memoir “Blackout: Remembering the Things that I Drank to Forget”
Sarah Hepola on Facebook
Blackout: Remembering the Things that I Drank to Forget

Sarah Hepola is the personal essays editor at Her writing has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, New Republic, Glamour, Slate, Guardian, and Morning News. She lives in Dallas.



Adam Resnick

Photo credit: Matt Lief Anderson

Adam Resnick, author, “Will Not Attend: Lively Stories of Detachment and Isolation”

Will Not Attend

Adam Resnick is an Emmy Award-winning writer who began his career at Late Night with David Letterman. He went on to co-create the classic Fox sitcom Get a Life, and was a co-executive producer and writer for HBO’s The Larry Sanders Show. He has also written for Saturday Night Live and was one of the two singular minds behind le film célèbre, Cabin Boy.

The Marilu Henner Show – Best of – Thursday November 26th 2015

Donna SetaroDonna Setaro, New Jersey Move Over Law

New Jersey Move Over Law

​On ​​June 6th 2010 Donna Setaro‘s Son, NJ State Trooper Marc K. Castellano #6397, was killed in the line of duty by a motorist who failed ​​to​ ​follow the Move Over Law Title 39:4-92:2. Since that time she realized that less then​ ​15% of the NJ drivers are aware of this law.​ ​Every state in the USA has this law except Washington DC. With the help and support on the NJSP Donna created a presentation with target audience being high school students. To date she has given 450 presentations to over 56,000 people. The death of her son ​​has set the course of a journey Donna never ever expected to be on. Her goal is to speak to 100,000 people. She looks forward to the opportunity​ ​to speak about her mission…the law and its devastating effect of not following the law.

Dani Klein ModisettDani Klein Modisett, author of the book, “Take My Spouse Please”

Dani Klein Modisett is the comedian-turned-author and editor of the book “Afterbirth…stories you won’t read in Parents magazine”, ​​(St. Martin’s Press, 2009). Based on the live show she created by the same name, the NY Post raved about “Afterbirth…” calling it “…the Vagina Monologues for the stroller set.”
Three years ago she launched a spin-off of this show. This time the subject was marriage and she called it, “Not What I Signed Up For”. On these shows she and acclaimed actors and writers, perform original, funny stories about how marriage and parenting challenges them in unexpected ways. The performances have played to sold-out audiences in Boston, San Francisco and New York City. Inspired by “Not What I Signed Up For”, Dani came up with the idea for her second book, “Take My Spouse, Please” ​​(Shambhala Press, 2015). In this book Dani interviews long term couples and explores how the cardinal rules of comedy, can help couples laugh more.

Dani recently completed a web series of Scripps Entertainment called “How To Stay Married”, which she wrote, produced and hosted. These shows take on the major challenges of marriage like money, fighting, finances and sex and asks real couples how they manage them and keep smiling.
Dani also just launched a webseries the pilot for The NY Times using the “Take My Spouse, Please”, title, and subject matter to create docu-style shorts where she interviews long-term couples.
As a writer, Dani’s essays can be found in Lonely Planet’s “Lights, Camera, Travel”, edited by Andrew McCarthy and “The Cassoulet Saved Our Marriage: True Tales of Food, Family and How We Learn to Eat”, for Roost Books. Dani is also a frequent contributor to LA Parent Magazine, Huffington Post, and Parents Magazine. She has also written for The LA Times, Brainchild Magazine,, She has appeared on The Today Show, The Madeleine Brand Show, “Jen and Barb, Mom Life“, and most recently on “Parental Discretion”, for NickMom.
Before children, Dani worked a comedian at clubs and colleges across the country. She was also a member of the Broadway tour of “Twilight of the Golds”, and a member of “Laughter on the 23rd Floor” company. Dani made numerous television appearances on shows like “Law & Order” and “Las Vegas”.

Dani taught Stand-up comedy at UCLA for nearly a decade and now teaches a workshop called “Writing For Performance”. She is a graduate of Dartmouth College and lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two sons.​

Haatchi & Little BWill Howkins and his son, Owen, also known as “Little B” and author of the book, “Haatchi & Little B: The Inspiring True Story of One Boy and His Dog”

A Boy and His Dog
Haatchi & Little B: The Inspiring True Story of One Boy and His Dog

It was a cold night in London in 2012 when Haatchi, an adorable Anatolian Shepherd was abused and left for dead on railroad tracks, to be hit by a train. Although his life was saved, his leg and tail were severed, and Haatchi was left disabled and dispirited. Owen, known to his family as Little B for “little buddy”, was born with a rare genetic condition that leaves him largely confined to a wheelchair. Often anxious, Little B found it difficult to talk with people and make friends. But then, Haatchi met Little B…
When Little B’s stepmom Colleen and father Will decided to adopt Haatchi and introduce him to their son, the two formed an unbelievable bond that transformed both boy and dog in miraculous ways. An inseparable and unforgettable pair, Haatchi & Little B rescued each other.

Jillian Lauren

Photo credit: Robyn Von Swank

Jillian Lauren, NY Times Best Selling Author of three books, two memoirs and one novel, her most recent book is “Everything You Ever Wanted”

Everything You Ever Wanted: A Memoir

Author and performer Jillian Lauren grew up in suburban New Jersey and fled across the water to New York City. She attended New York University for three minutes before dropping out to work in downtown theater, where she performed with Richard Foreman’s Ontological Hysteric Theater, among others.

Jillian is the author of the New York Times bestselling memoir, SOME GIRLS: My Life in a Harem, and the novel PRETTY. SOME GIRLS, which chronicles her time spent in the harem of the Prince of Brunei, has been translated into eighteen different languages. Her new memoir, EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED, will be released in May 2015.
Jillian has an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University. Her writing has appeared in The Paris Review, The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Los Angeles Magazine, Elle, Flaunt Magazine, The Rumpus, The Nervous Breakdown, Salon, and many other publications. Her work has been widely anthologized, including in The Moth Anthology and True Tales of Lust and Love.
Jillian is a regular storyteller with The Moth and performs at spoken word and storytelling events across the country. She gave a Tedx talk at Chapman University in 2014 and has been interviewed on The View, Good Morning America and Howard Stern, to name a few.
She blogs at Today Moms on MSNBC, The Huffington Post and, which was named a top 100 mom blog of 2012 by Babble Magazine.

Jillian is married to Scott Shriner, the bass player for Weezer. They live in Los Angeles with their son.

That Sugar FilmDamon Gameau, That Sugar Film

That Sugar Film – in Select Theaters and VOD on Friday, July 31
THAT SUGAR FILM – Official US Trailer

Damon Gameau is an Australian actor and director. He has starred in several feature films, including Rolf De Heer’s critically acclaimed THE TRACKER, Darren Ashton’s THUNDERSTRUCK and RAZZLE DAZZLE, Robert Connolly’s BALIBO opposite Anthony LaPaglia, PATRICK with Rachel Griffiths and Charles Dance and SAVE YOUR LEGS! with Stephen Curry and Brendan Cowell. Damon’s performance in BALIBO earned him and AFI Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. His television credits include UNDERBELLY, HOWZAT, LOVE MY WAY, PUBERTY BLUES, SECRETS AND LIES, GALLIPOLI and THE KETTERING INCIDENT. As a director he wrote, directed and performed vocals for the 2011 winning Tropfest short film, ANIMAL BEATBOX, which has now played at over 25 festivals worldwide. He was also a finalist in 2010 with his film, ONE, which he co-directed with Gareth Davies. THAT SUGAR FILM is Damon’s first feature length film and THAT SUGAR BOOK is his first published book. Book will be published on July 28 by Flatiron Books, a division of Macmillan.

The Marilu Henner Show – Wednesday November 25th 2015

Kat Perkins9:15AM (PST) – Kat Perkins, “The Voice” Correspondent


Growing up the daughter of a music teacher, Kat Perkins has been singing, dancing, and performing for just about as long as she can remember. At just 15 years old, she made the move to the Twin Cities from rural North Dakota and her professional career began as she became a success in the Minneapolis-St. Paul theatre scene.

Over the years, Perkins has performed and recorded with her bands Scarlet Haze, Northern Comfort, and SKITZOfrenic. Scarlet Haze’s third record came out February of 2012 and was produced by James ‘Fluff’ Harley of World Record Productions and the debut single features Guns N’ Roses guitars Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal, Nine Inch Nails drummer Ilan Rubin, Grammy-nominated producer Joe Marlett (Foo Fighters, Korn) and her current musical director Eric Warner.
Perkins recently found herself in the national spotlight on NBC’s THE VOICE as a Top 5 contestant coached by Adam Levine (of Maroon 5). Her single, “Fearless” was produced by John Fields (Pink, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez) and independently hit #5 upon release on the iTunes charts.

When not on stage, you can usually find Perkins nannying, writing, recording and constantly coming up with new projects as well as managing other bands in the business. She speaks at many schools also.

Jon Glaser9:30AM (PST) – Jon Glaser, “Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter” on Adult Swim

Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter premieres on Monday, December 7th at Midnight E/P and will air over 5 consecutive nights on Adult Swim
Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter – Trailer

Jon Glaser is the creator and star of Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter, which he also co-writes, and is an executive producer.

Both a writer and actor, he got his start at the famed Second City theater in Chicago. As an actor, film credits include “Trainwreck”, the upcoming “Sisters”, “Be Kind Rewind”, and “Pootie Tang”. TV credits include “Delocated!”, which he also created and starred in; “Parks and Recreation”, “Girls”, “Inside Amy Schumer”, “Louie”, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, and “Wonder Showzen”. Cartoon voice work includes “Bob’s Burgers”, “Archer”, “Lucy: Daughter of the Devil”, “TV Funhouse”, and “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”. He appeared as Video Cowboy in the ESPN web series “Mayne Street”, and he created, wrote, directed and starred in a series of web shorts for Comedy Central called “Tiny Hands”.
As a writer and consultant, Jon’s credits include “Inside Amy Schumer”, “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” (where he wrote for 5 years and was a regular performer), “The Dana Carvey Show”, “Human Giant”, and “Cheap Seats”. He has written several stories for The New York Times Magazine, and his writing has also appeared in ESPN The Magazine, The Onion A.V. Club, and on-line for New York Magazine, MTV, and Blurt. His first book, My Dead Dad Was In ZZ Top, was published by Harper Perennial, and he wrote and directed the music video for Bob Mould’s “Star Machine”.

Bill Schermerhorn

Photo credit: Kent Miller Studios

10:15AM (PST) – Bill Schermerhorn, Vice President/Creative Director at Macy’s Parade & Entertainment Group

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

As vice president/creative director of Macy’s Parade & Entertainment Group, Bill Schermerhorn is no stranger to large-scale, theatrical events on a national level. From concept development to the final “curtain”, he is the leader of the creative team responsible for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade®, Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks® and other holiday extravaganzas at The World’s Largest Store.

Bill joined the Macy’s Annual Events department in 1983 following a brief acting career (and part-time sales associate job on Macy’s selling floor). In the role of creative director, Bill has written the book and lyrics for several musical projects and has created original material for performers as diverse as Bob Hope, Michael Feinstein, Deborah Voigt, Harvey Fierstein to Paddington Bear, Clifford the Big Red Dog and Kermit the Frog. As director of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Bill is responsible for the entire Parade line-up, the flow and story of each Parade element, choosing the performers, groups and marching bands that delight millions of spectators, and directing for Macy’s the national television broadcast. For Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks, Bill develops the show’s theme, works closely with Macy’s pyrotechnic partners on the creative design of the explosive event, in addition to conceiving the show’s musical score.

Bill served as artistic director/script writer for Broadway on Broadway ’95 and Stars in the Alley ’96. In his spare time, he is working on the new musicals, Beyond the Dream and The Music Boys, as well as a project with Michael Feinstein. Bill is a member of The Dramatists Guild, Inc.
Always eager to tell a good story in different art forms, he aspires to see his first book in print. In May of 2009, Bill was nominated for a Daytime Entertainment Emmy® Award for conceiving the lyrics to the original song “I Believe” performed by Kermit the Frog in the 82nd Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. In 2011, Bill received a second Original Song nomination and won his first Daytime Entertainment Emmy® Award for the tune “Yes, Virginia (There’s A Santa Claus)”. In 2012, Bill earned his second Emmy® Award for the original tune “(Won’t You) Join Our Parade”.
Bill is a native of Hudson, NY; currently residing on the Upper West Side, is a graduate of the College of William & Mary, and as luck would have it, he was born on the 4th of July.

Boone Smith10:30AM (PST) – Boone Smith, NatGeo “Big Cat Wrangler”​​

Big Cat Week ​- ​Premieres Friday, Nov. 27​th at​ 9/8c on NAT GEO WILD

Boone Smith is a big cat wrangler who has spent 20 years catching a total of nearly 500 cougars and pumas in Chile, California, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Colorado and collaring or marking more than 150 of them. A fourth-generation tracker and houndman raised on a cattle ranch in southeast Idaho, Smith has used his expertise to gather data on big cats, their behavior and their landscape to help scientists with conservation studies.

He has appeared in many Nat Geo WILD specials including Man v. Lion, Urban Jungle, Secret Life of Predators, Cougar v. Wolf, Hunt for The Shadow Cat and American Cougar. Boone does a variety of capture work for numerous NGO’s in California, Alaska, and South America. In addition, he serves as a consultant for Panthera, a nonprofit science and education institute, collecting data and radio collaring cougars in the Jackson Hole Basin. He conducted similar capture, collaring and data collection for the Endeavor Wildlife Research from 2005 through 2009 and for the Wildlife Conservation Society from 2001 through 2003. Earlier in his career, Boone worked as a river guide for white-water rafting, kayaking, fishing and hunting trips.
In addition to his work on cats, he has captured multiple coyotes, black bear, wolverine, deer and moose. He has assisted the Idaho Department of Fish and Game in elk relocation, mule deer winter-feeding programs, releasing incidental trapped species from leghold traps and relocation of problem wildlife. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in fisheries and wildlife from Utah State University and has completed work toward a master of science in wildlife biology at his alma mater.

Boone lives in Preston, Idaho, with his wife and two children. Boone is the host of the new Nat Geo WILD special Big Cat Games, premiering this November as part of Big Cat Week.​

Tom Wopat

Photo credit: Joey Cobb

11:00AM (PST) – Tom Wopat, “Home for Christmas”

Special vinyl LP​ ​of Tom’s celebrated holiday album​, ​​​Home for Christmas​ ​(recorded​ ​with his “Dukes​ ​of Hazzard” co-star, John Schneider)

Tom Wopat’s engaging presence and warm baritone have taken him from his breakout role as Luke Duke in “The Dukes of Hazzard” to the recording studio, the Great White Way, and the silver screen, in addition to concert and nightclub stages around the world. After a series of popular country albums, he released a string of acclaimed pop/jazz albums featuring new arrangements of American Songbook classics, as well as contemporary songs by Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen and James Taylor. “The Still of the Night” from Angel Records – which was praised for its “tender and elegant vocals, touched with jazz feeling” by The New York Times – was followed by “Dissertation on the State of Bliss”, “Consider it Swung” and “I’ve Got Your Number” (all available from LML Music). Other notable TV roles include “Cybill” – for which he shared a SAG Award nomination for Best Ensemble in a Comedy Series – “Smallville” and “Blue Bloods”. As a Broadway leading man, he received Tony Award nominations for starring in ​​Annie Get Your Gun (opposite Bernadette Peters) and​​ A Catered Affair. Other major Broadway credits include ​​Chicago, 42nd Street, Sondheim on Sondheim, Glengarry Glen Ross, Catch Me If You Can and last season’s Tony Award- winning play ​​The Trip To Bountiful with Cicely Tyson. In Hollywood, he appeared in Quentin Tarantino’s ​​Django Unchained and the upcoming dramatic feature ​​Fair Haven.​

Countess LuAnn de Lesseps11:30AM (PST) – Countess LuAnn de Lesseps

The Countess Collection is available on EvineLive, so click here to check it out! Season 8 of Bravo TV’s “The Real Housewives of New York City“, has just started filming! LuAnn’s new single “Girl Code” is available on iTunes!

Countess LuAnn de Lesseps knows firsthand that class is a state of mind, not a birthright. Raised in Connecticut—half French Canadian, half Native American—she worked as a nurse before she started modeling. On her first trip to Europe, she was awed by the lifestyle of the Italians and stayed, eventually becoming a television personality. At a dinner party in Gstaad, she began a fairytale romance with Alexandre Count de Lesseps, a French aristocrat of the Suez Canal dynasty, who made her a countess. Through all of her experiences, she learned that class comes from within – and that elegance and taste can be acquired. Now she shares her savvy advice and her inspiring story in Class with the Countess, featuring:
The Art of Being Yourself (In Any Situation) – with tips for making a stellar first impression, exuding self-confidence, and dressing with style
The Art of Making Other People Comfortable – covering dazzling opening lines, table manners, and how to entertain with ease and grace
The Art of Seduction – brimming with ways to make yourself alluring to everyone you meet, including how to make a man feel good about himself

The twenty-first century’s answer to Emily Post, the Countess gives a new generation of women a lively and incomparable guide to modern social graces.

The Marilu Henner Show – Tuesday November 24th 2015

9:30AM (PST) – Neal Huff & Phil Saviano

Spotlight trailer
Nasty Baby trailer
Runoff trailer
Abuse Survivor Phil Saviano On ‘Spotlight’

Neal Huff
Neal Huff can currently be seen on the big screen in two incredibly diverse roles. In the critically acclaimed film SPOTLIGHT, Neal gives a powerful performance as Phil Saviano, a survivor of clergy abuse and creator of the New England chapter of SNAP (Survivors Network for Those Abused by Priests). He is also starring alongside writer/director Sebastian Silva, Kristen Wiig and Tunde Adebimpe in NASTY BABY as Gallery Owner, Marcus. This past summer Neal garnered praise from critics for his portrayal of Frank a man trying to keep his family and small farm supply business together in the feature film RUNOFF.

Neal has an extensive list of film credits and built a solid reputation as a chameleonic actor collaborating with such directors as Wes Anderson in THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL and MOONRISE KINGDOM, Kelly Reichardt in MEEK’S CUTOFF, as well as Tony Gilroy, Robert DeNiro, Woody Allen, Bob Balaban, Gwyneth Paltrow, Juan Jose Campanella, Brad Anderson and Ang Lee.
Neal played Michael Steintorf, Chief of Staff to the Mayor of Baltimore on HBO’s THE WIRE. Other television: JOHN ADAMS (HBO), recurring roles on FRINGE (Fox), SIX DEGREES (ABC) and STARVED (FX) and LAW & ORDER, LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT and THE ABOLITIONISTS.
Neal’s theatre work includes the Broadway productions of the Tony Award winning TAKE ME OUT, THE LION IN WINTER and THE TEMPEST. Off- Broadway he has worked with The Public Theater, The Roundabout, Playwrights Horizons and The Atlantic Theater.

Neal is a graduate of New York University and resides in the New York area with his wife.

Phil Saviano
In some respects you can say that Phil Saviano has had the same concerns and motives as any other SNAP leader. He saw a need. He reached out and started a support group. He cared about prevention. So he started doing advocacy too. But there are several things about Phil — his timing and the way in which he spread the word about clergy abuse — that make him unique in the movement. Phil was one of SNAP’s trailblazers. He started speaking publicly about his abuse very early in the history of the movement, way back in 1992. Phil, at the time, was grappling with a serious illness that came close to bringing him down. Nevertheless, one morning, a week before Christmas, he was leafing through the pages of the Boston Globe. Phil discovered with a shock, that Fr. David Holley, the same priest who molested him in Massachusetts in the 1960s, was accused of assaulting children in Texas in the 1970s and in New Mexico in the 1980s, and had just completed an assignment in Denver. He reached out to those men out west and lent support to their allegations by going public about his own abuse. Phil was reborn as an activist.
His story made the front page of the Boston Globe and was picked up in cities across the country where Holley had been assigned. Then, in February 1993, he made the front page of USAToday. Soon after, Holley was indicted on charges in New Mexico, and later sentenced to 275 years in prison, the longest ever given to a Catholic priest sex offender. Phil kept plugging away, trying to get a grip on the controversial issue he was publicly immersed in. He spent many nights in the Boston College library, reading microfilm, searching for newspaper accounts of abuse cases in other parts of the country. He started collecting stories, building files, talking to other victims about their experiences. He bought Jason Berry’s book, and Richard Sipe’s, and devoured them.

He kept wondering, how could this happen? When the response from Worcester diocese officials was to deny any problems with the priest, and to refuse counseling for the victims, Phil joined with 3 other Worcester victims and filed suit to gain access to the priest’s records. This was one of the very first abuse lawsuits against the Catholic Church to be filed in Boston courts. Soon Phil had copies of letters proving that at least six bishops in four states knew that Fr. Holley was a child molester. In fact, the priest was caught with kids so many times that he was sent to four different church-run treatment centers. At times, Phil felt alone, overwhelmed, disgusted and angry. But then came a turning point. Unable to bring his lawsuit to trial, the diocese presented him with a settlement agreement that had strict confidentiality requirements. But Phil was not everybody, and he fought back. In April 1996, Phil achieved his goal. He settled his case with not a single confidentiality restriction. He was the first person in Massachusetts to do so.

In August of 2001, when the Boston Globe’s investigative team came calling, they found a guy who was eager to talk and share with them his lists of abusive priests from two dioceses, his treasure trove of discovery documents signed by bishops in several states, his familiarity with the work of Jason Berry, Richard Sipe and Thomas Doyle. What’s more, he knew over 80 victims, many of whom he knew he could convince to tell their stories to the Globe. Phil was sworn to secrecy by the Spotlight team, but he collaborated with them for the next several months, sharing his knowledge of such notorious Boston abusers as Paul Shanley, Monsignor Fred Ryan, Ronald Pacquin, Paul Mahan and others. Inspired by what Phil had managed to uncover on his own, and the proof he had that bishops across the country were in on the cover-up, the Globe took legal action to unseal civil suit documents in the Boston Archdiocese. The judge agreed. The cases were opened. And the secrets we knew were out there began to be unearthed. The rest, as they say, is history.
While all this was unfolding in secrecy, Phil had one more task ahead of him. Knowing that the story was going to be big, and also realizing that SNAP then had just a handful of other support chapters around the country, Phil took it upon himself to take over SNAP’s current website. He expanded it greatly, and turned it into a valuable source of news, educational materials, and support.
In late 2002, after Phil felt that he had successfully “gotten the word out”, he left his position as leader of the New England Chapter. He continued running the website until 2007. Several years ago, Phil was named a Boston Local Hero by the Boston Phoenix newspaper.

Tony Roberts10:00AM (PST) – Tony Roberts, actor


Tony Roberts was recently seen on Broadway in the Manhattan Theatre Club revival of “The Royal Family”, and in the Tony nominated musical “Xanadu”. These were preceded by the Broadway productions of “The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife”; “Victor/Victoria”; “Cabaret”; “The Sisters Rosenzweig”; “Doubles”; “Absurd Person Singular”; “They’re Playing Our Song”; “Jerome Robbins’ Broadway”; “Sugar”; “How Now, Dow Jones”; “Promises, Promises”; “Play It Again, Sam”; “Don’t Drink The Water”; “Barefoot In The Park” and a dozen others. He has received two Tony Award nominations, and was the winner of the London Critic’s Poll Award for his performance in “Promises, Promises”. His versatility was on display at Madison Square Garden where he played Scrooge, as well as in the New York City Opera productions of Brigadoon and South Pacific. His major film credits include the Academy Award-winning “Annie Hall”, as well as the original “The Taking of Pelham One Two Three”, the cult classic “Amityville 3D”, “Radio Days”, “18 Again!” with George Burns; “Star Spangled Girl” with Sandy Duncan; “Switch” and “Le Sauvage” (Lovers Like Us) opposite Yves Montand and Catherine Deneuve. Television highlights include Arthur Miller’s “The American Clock”, Saul Bellow’s “Seize The Day”, and his own series for NBC, “Rosetti & Ryan”. Mr. Roberts has recorded more than 50 audio books, including the popular Stuart Woods detective series featuring Stone Barrington. He recorded the audio versions of classics like “The Jungle Book” and “The Maltese Falcon” ,and won Audio Book Awards for Bob Woodward’s “The Choice” and Rudolph Giuliani’s “Leadership”. Earlier in 2015 he appeared in the scandalous Brett Gelman TV gala on Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim”, as well as the highly-acclaimed revival of Carousel at The Lyric Opera in Chicago.

A New Yorker by birth, he graduated from The High School of Music & Art, and Northwestern University.

Ryan D'Agostino

Photo credit: Mark Mann

10:30AM (PST) – Ryan D'Agostino, Editor-in-chief of “Popular Mechanics” and author of the book, “The Rising: Murder, Heartbreak, and the Power of Human Resilience in an American Town”
The Rising: Murder, Heartbreak, and the Power of Human Resilience in an American Town

Ryan D'Agostino is the editor in chief of Popular Mechanics magazine. Previously, he was an articles editor at Esquire, and he has written for The New Yorker, Ski, and other publications.


David Kirsch11:00AM (PST) – David Kirsch, Fitness Expert / Celebrity Trainer

His new book ​​Ultimate Family Wellness out December 15th -​ ​available for pre-order ​now ​at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other outlets

With over two decades of experience uncovering and harnessing the powerful connection between mind, body and spirit, David Kirsch has become a leading authority on achieving optimal health and well-being at any age or fitness level. An early proponent of tapping the power of the mind to sculpt the body, David is a true visionary in the field of wellness. Throughout his years as a sought-after trainer, David has transformed the bodies—and lives—of countless devotees through his signature combination of mind-body conditioning, multi-tasking workouts and smart nutrition. From founding New York’s award-winning Madison Square Club to developing unprecedented supplements, classes and techniques designed to maximize workouts, David has been a pioneer in the wellness field throughout his long career.

David’s holistic approach to wellness, encompassing a disciplined exercise, nutrition and supplements regimen, is rooted in his philosophy of “Sound Mind, Sound Body” – achieving harmony of mind, body and spirit. Trusted by some of the world’s most visible celebrities and influencers, David is the man with whom many A-listers train when they need to get in shape fast. One of the unique aspects of training with David, is his expertise in reading different body types and his ability to target different parts of the body. His workouts are customized and not “cookie cutter” in any way. Whether you are pear shaped and carry your weight in your hips, thighs and butt; apple shaped – carrying your weight in your upper body and arms; or an orange and need to shape and tone all over, David delivers lasting results.
His philosophy is predicated on not just losing pounds, but burning and losing body fat. More than just a quick fix, his programs are Life Transformative. In addition to authoring five books, and five fitness DVDs, including the bestseller The Ultimate New York Body Plan and the best selling accompanying DVD, David has appeared on numerous television shows to share his fitness and wellness expertise, including The Today Show, E! and CNN World News, Dr. Oz, Live with Regis and Kelly and The View. Through his books, fitness DVDs, recipes, supplements and more, David Kirsch offers every man and woman access to the wellness regimen he has developed for some of the world’s most discerning clients. Additionally, as a single father of four year old twin girls, he has expanded his wellness empire to include areas such as family and child fitness, nutrition and wellness. His website,, represents a passport to the complete David Kirsch lifestyle, with expert tips, supplements, workout gear and more.​

11:30AM (PST) – Megan McGinnis & Adam Halpin, “Daddy Long Legs” on Broadway​​

Popular off-Broadway musical, DADDY LONG LEGS

Megan McGinnis

Megan McGinnis originated the role of Jerusha Abbott in Daddy Long Legs (Ovation Award, IRNE Award, Jeff Nomination).
Broadway credits: “Side Show” (standby Daisy/Violet), “Les Misérables” (Eponine), “Little Women” (Beth), “Beauty and the Beast” (Belle), “Thoroughly Modern Millie”, “Parade”, and “The Diary of Anne Frank”.
London: “Daddy Long Legs”.
National Tours: “The Sound of Music”, “James Joyce’s The Dead”, and “Fiddler on the Roof”.
Her regional credits include work with The MUNY, Sacramento Music Circus, TheatreWorks in Palo Alto, The Rubicon, The Lyric in Oklahoma City, and Chicago Shakespeare Theatre.
Film and television credits include “A Goofy Movie” and “Anywhere But Here”, “Blossom” (NBC), “Wings” (NBC), and “Sister, Sister” (ABC).
Megan can be heard on the original cast recordings of “Daddy Long Legs”, “Little Women”, “Parade”, and Sutton Foster’s album “Wish”, singing the duet “Flight”.

Megan has BA in English from Columbia University in New York.

Adam Halpin

Adam Halpin Broadway credits: “Glory Days” (Skip).
Off-Broadway: “Dogfight” (Stevens), “Rent”.
National Tours: “Kinky Boots” (Richard Bailey), “Rent” (Gordon) w/ Anthony Rapp & Adam Pascal. Other New York: readings/workshops include “Irma La Douce”, “Nobody Loves You”, “Sunset Boulevard”, “Fiction in Photographs”, “Awesomer & Awesomer”.
Recent Regional credits: “The Last 5 Years” (Long Wharf Theatre, Connecticut Critics Circle Nomination), “Triangle” (world premiere; Lyric Theatre of OK), “Family Shots” (world premiere; ​Human Race Theatre); as well as North Shore Music Theatre, Pittsburgh CLO, The MUNY, Judson Theatre Co., and Signature Theatre.
Film: “Grind”.
Original Cast Recordings of “Glory Days”, “Dogfight”, and “A Little Princess”, all on Ghostlight Records.​

The Marilu Henner Show – Monday November 23rd 2015

Fisher Stevens9:15AM (PST) – Fisher Stevens, “Racing Extinction” on Discovery Channel​

Upcoming ​​Discovery Channel Documentary RACING EXTINCTION​ (Fisher Stevens is a producer on the film)​ will have it’s ​GLOBAL PREMIERE on Wednesday, December 2​nd​ at 9PM ET/PT to an audience in 220 international markets across the world within a span of 24 hours

With over 30 years in the entertainment business, Fisher Stevens’ career has included an impressive range of diverse projects. As an actor, Stevens has appeared in over 40 Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, including the Tony award-winning production of “Torch Song Trilogy” and “Brighton Beach Memoirs”. Some of his many film credits include “Short Circuit 1 & 2”, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and the upcoming “F2014”. On television, Stevens was a series regular on “Key West” and “Early Edition”, with additional roles on “Lost” and “Damages”, among others.

Stevens co-founded the downtown NY theater company Naked Angels as well as GreeneStreet Films, where he made his film directorial debut (Just a Kiss) and produced over 15 films including the Academy Award-nominated “In The Bedroom” and the acclaimed documentary “Once In A Lifetime”. He went on to produce “Crazy Love” and Louie Psihoyos’ Academy Award®-winning documentary “The Cove”. In 2010, Stevens co-founded Insurgent Media, which has since completed multiple films, including “Mission Blue” about Oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle. Stevens made his Broadway directorial debut with John Leguizamo’s “Ghetto Klown”, which he then directed for broadcast. He also directed the feature film “Stand Up Guys” and music videos for Jon Bon Jovi.
With a passion for utilizing the entertainment medium for social activism, Stevens directed “Working the Darkside” – a multimedia presentation featuring Rachel Maddow, which opened a dialogue on torture and war crimes. He also directed a “United Nations Day Concert: A Tribute to Peacekeeping” and the powerful film “The War Against War”, which takes an in-depth look at the U.N.’s peacekeeping missions around the globe.

Sharon Feldstein10:00AM (PST) – Sharon Feldstein, Founder of Expert Management

Sharon Chalkin Feldstein, founder of Expert Management, started her company when it became evident to her that people needed real knowledge from real experts. In other words, moving away from celebrity’s opinions towards the expert’s advice. Expert Management acts as personal managers guiding their clients in achieving their goals, which may inclue hosting, publishing endorsements, multilevel media, and produce creation.

On a personal note, Sharon has enjoyed many years as a celebrity stylist, trend expert (creator of the infamous “Sparkill Cell Phone”), costume designer, while teaching master classes on these subjects at the FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology in NY). Sharon divides her time between Los Angeles and New York City.

Brad Oscar11:00AM (PST) – Brad Oscar, “Something Rotten”​​

​​Something Rotten! will be performing on the NBC Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade…and Brad Oscar will be leading the whole number with “A Musical!”

Brad Oscar (Nostradamus) was nominated for a 2015 Tony Award for this role.
Broadway: Big Fish, Nice Work…, The Producers (Tony Award nomination), The Addams Family, Spamalot, Jekyll & Hyde, Aspects of Love.
National tour: The Phantom of the Opera, Young Frankenstein, Jekyll & Hyde.
West End: The Producers.
Off-Broadway: Forbidden Broadway, The Body Beautiful, Encores! Bells Are Ringing and Do Re Mi.
Regional: Fiddler on the Roof (Barrington Stage), Barnum (Asolo Rep, Maltz Jupiter – Carbonell Award, Best Actor in a Musical), The Mystery of Irma Vep, Cabaret and Damn Yankees (Arena Stage), The First Wives Club (Old Globe).
Film: Ghost Town, The Producers.
Television: “Smash”, “The Good Wife” and three “Law & Orders”.

Kitt Shapiro11:30AM (PST) – Kitt Shapiro, President of Simply Eartha

Lifestyle brand, Simply Eartha

Kitt Shapiro, daughter of the legendary performer Earth Kitt, has created ​​Simply Eartha, a beautiful lifestyle brand (jewelry, candles, home goods) inspired by her mother. Simply Eartha features the image, designs and philosophical musings of a woman whose individuality was embraced by all, and never duplicated. All products are made from recycled materials, and Made In America (in keeping with Eartha’s philosophies).

The Marilu Henner Show – Friday November 20th 2015

Dave Hill9:15AM (PST) – Dave Hill, Comedian

His latest ​album ​”​Let Me Turn You On​” ​is ​available on iTunes

Dave Hill is a NY-based comedian, writer, musician and actor. He has a ​​new album ​​Let Me Turn You On which is ​available on iTunes. Listeners are treated to tales of the time he went to prison, a fateful encounter with an angry homeless man, his travels to Japan with his band Valley Lodge, his classic erotic short stories, and of course some of his wicked guitar playing.
Dave is the host of “The Goddamn Dave Hill Show” Monday nights on WFMU. His first book, a collection of essays called “Tasteful Nudes…and Other Misguided Attempts at Personal Growth and Validation” received praise from Vanity Fair, LA Weekly, The Atlantic, Vice, Nylon and US Weekly, among others. His band Valley Lodge’s song “Go” is the theme song for “Last Week Tonight”. Named by Variety Magazine as one of their “10 Comics to Watch”, Dave has appeared on HBO, Comedy Central, BBC-America, MTV, to name but a few. He is also a frequent contributor to This American Life and performs around the world all while keeping his many followers entertained on Twitter.

Rob Shuter9:15AM (PST) – Rob Shuter, “Naughty But Nice” Gossip Columnist

Rob Shuter who hails from across the pond is one of New York’s most fun gossip columnist. He is a frequent contributor on The Today Show, Good Day New York, Fox 5, Dr. Oz, the Daily News among others. His website is called naughty but he always spread the word with a glimmer in his smile and a wink in his eyes.

Rob Shuter was born for celebrity news. Starting in public relations, he represented the likes of Alicia Keys, Bon Jovi, P. Diddy and Jennifer Lopez. He then went on to become executive editor of OK! Magazine, making it the fastest growing magazine in the USA. Breaking stories such as the first post-breakdown interview from Brittney Spears, the weddings of Eva Longoria and Katherine Heigl and the pictures of celeb parents, Matthew McConaughey, and Jessica Alba, with their gorgeous babies, helped get Shuter to the top. He now devotes his time to getting the most recent star news out to his followers on and his other social media accounts. With tons of celebrity sources and relationships, Rob Shuter is the best and most reliable source for breaking celebrity gossip and news.

He is a frequent contributor to a variety of media outlets and lives in New York City with his Westminster winning Glen of Imaal Terrier.

Marabeth Hough10:15AM (PST) – Marabeth Hough, ​Dance Network Live Stream Host of the “Ohio Star Ball”

For the first time in history Dance Network, the first-ever digital network devoted entirely to dance, is partnering with Ohio Star Ball, a festival of dance-sport, to produce and broadcast live streaming, same-day coverage of ballroom dancing championships
​​The live Dance Network coverage of the Pro/Am, Am/Am and Collegiate events will take place from November 19-22, 2015, at the Columbus Convention Center and the adjoining Hyatt Regency Columbus hotel


Marabeth Hough grew up in Utah as the second of five children in a family that lived and breathed music and the arts. Her experiences ranged from modeling, acting and dancing, to playing bass and singing in her family band, “White Lightning, often refereed to as the “blonde Osmonds”. Of all her many experiences growing up, Marabeth found that music was her true passion. She wrote her first song at age 15 and was asked to perform it at a Miss Idaho Falls pageant. The experience was one of the catalysts that set her on a path as a singer and songwriter. Knowing she wanted to start pursuing music as a career, she considered moving to Nashville, not knowing anyone there. The decision was finalized after learning that her singing coach Brett Manning (Can you Duet?) was also making the move. To make ends meet, Marabeth did everything from waiting tables to working as a makeup artist, all the while still striving towards her musical goals. In her work she found a parallel between her music and the beauty industry in that they have a common ability to enhance peoples’ lives.

While living in the Spring Hill area, she saw an opportunity to open a day spa and salon. Today, Natural Oasis Day Spa and Salon has three locations in greater Nashville area and has been voted among the top 200 salons in America by Salon Today magazine. Marabeth has also been recognized in the community as a stand out leader in the industry and was featured in the Who’s Who magazine – Women in Business: Seven Women You Should Know. Marabeth enjoys giving back by supporting both her community and charities throughout Tennessee with her music and with her business in spite of being a busy wife, mother, and business owner, she continues to write music. Notably, her first song was cut by ACM Top New Artist, Julianne Hough, who happens to be her sister. “Dreaming Under the Same Moon” also featured her brother, Derek Hough. She continues to write songs and has enjoyed collaborating with many outstanding singer songwriters.

At first glance, its hard to imagine that Marabeth would be a person who enjoys skydiving, deep sea fishing, mountain biking, camping, dirt bike and Harley riding, even drag racing, a philanthropist and business owner who has been a stunt double and who writes excellent songs.

Ben Brantley10:30AM (PST) – Ben Brantley, Chief Theater Critic for The New York Times

Theater – The New York Times

Benjamin D. Brantley became chief theater critic of The New York Times in September 1996 after having served as its drama critic since joining the newspaper in August 1993. Prior to joining The Times, Mr. Brantley was a staff writer at The New Yorker magazine from August 1992 to July 1993. Before that, he was a writer at Vanity Fair magazine from January 1987 to August 1992 and he reviewed films for Elle magazine from September 1988 to March 1993.

In the early 80s, Mr. Brantley worked as a freelance writer and European editor, publisher and Paris bureau chief for Women’s Wear Daily. Before that he served as a reporter and then editor at Women’s Wear Daily. He was a summer intern at The Winston-Salem Sentinel in 1976 and an editorial assistant at The Village Voice in 1975.
Mr. Brantley is the editor of “The New York Times Book of Broadway: On the Aisle for the Unforgettable Plays of the Last Century”, which was published by St. Martin’s Press in 2001. He received the George Jean Nathan Award for Dramatic Criticism for 1996-1997.

Born in Durham, N.C., on October 26, 1954, Mr. Brantley received a B.A. degree in English from Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, P.A., graduated with high honors, and is a Phi Beta Kappa.

David Silverman11:00AM (PST) – David Silverman, Professor of Egyptology, spokesperson for The Discovery of King Tut

The Discovery of King Tut opens Saturday​ November 21st and runs through May 1, 2016. Premier Exhibitions 5th Avenue

David P. Silverman is Professor of Egyptology and Curator of Penn Museum’s Egyptian Section, and one of the leading authorities on the civilization of ancient Egypt. Dr. Silverman was the national curator, advisor, and academic content creator for the blockbuster exhibition “Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs”. He was also responsible for the curatorial content in the original 1977 “Treasures of Tutankhamun” exhibit and served as Curator in Chicago at the Field Museum. His extensive publications include numerous books and articles on Egyptian language, art, and religion, and he has directed several field expeditions at sites throughout Egypt. He has received many awards and honors, including grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Penn Research Foundation, and The Michela Schiff-Giorgini Foundation. The Athenaeum Society of Philadelphia presented him with a Literary Award for his books Searching for Ancient Egypt and Ancient Egypt. Dr. Silverman has been a visiting professor at both L’École Pratique at the Sorbonne in Paris and Harvard University.

Jeanine Pirro

Photo credit: FOX News

11:30AM (PST) – Judge Jeanine Pirro, Fox News Host and author of “He Killed Them All: Robert Durst and My Quest for Justice”

He Killed Them All

Jeanine Pirro is the former district attorney of Westchester County, where she started the first domestic violence unit in a prosecutor’s office in the US. She is an Emmy Award winner, a legal analyst for Fox News, and the host of Justice with Judge Jeanine, as well as the author of several books, including To Punish and Protect: Against a System That Coddles Criminals.

The Marilu Henner Show – Thursday November 19th 2015

Bas Rutten9:30AM (PST) – Bas Rutten, UFC Hall of Famer & AXS TV Inside MMA co-host

INSIDE MMA: HOLLY HOLM SPECIAL EDITION” airs live this Friday, Nov. 20th at 11:30 p.m. ET/8:30 p.m. PT on AXS TV. ​Bas Rutten co-hosts
History of MMA: Bas Rutten

UFC Hall of Famer Bas Rutten is a world-renowned Dutch mixed martial artist and kickboxer and currently the co-host of AXS TV’s “Inside MMA”. His honors and accolades in the MMA profession include: the UFC Heavyweight Championship, three-time King of Pancrase world champion, and a 22-fight unbeaten streak before injuries ended his career. Rutten is now a well-recognized color commentator, accredited actor, television host, coach and entrepreneur. As an actor, Rutten co-stared in the Kevin James feature film “Here Comes the Boom” (2012) and appeared in “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” (2009), “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2” (2015) and “Zookeeper” (2011).

Grae Drake10:15AM (PST) – Grae Drake, Senior Editor at Rotten Tomatoes

In 6th grade, when Rotten Tomatoes Senior Editor Grae was arranging movie outings for all her friends, she picked the movie. Through the years studying film at the University of Texas at Austin, being honored by Sundance and the Director’s Guild of America, and working as a filmmaker in Los Angeles, she realized how terrible she was at keeping her opinions to herself. The Popcorn Mafia podcast was born, and led to her becoming CNN’s movie critic. She also has dished the dirt with stars on HLN’s Showbiz Tonight, Fox News, G4’s Attack of the Show, and is a regular at the TV Guide Network and the Reelz Channel. Her passionate thoughts can also be heard on terrestrial radio all over North America. And just to note, she still won’t let other people pick the movies.

Movies this week:

  • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2
  • The Night Before
  • The Secret in Their Eyes

Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr.10:30AM (PST) – Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr.

​​​Marilyn and Billy will be performing December 12th at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts in The Colors of Christmas, along with Peabo Bryson, Oleta Adams and Bebe Winans
They will also be at Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco on December 14th and 15th
Their new show, “Up, Up and Away, starring Marilyn McCoo, Billy Davis, Jr. and The Next Dimension” kicks of on January 21, 2016 at the McCallum Theater in Palm Desert


​​Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr., are the voices, Original Stars and lead singers of the legendary group, The 5th Dimension, before leaving the Group in 1975. McCoo and Davis launched Champagne and Pop Soul Classics, including​ ​”Up, Up and Away”, “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In”, “Worst That Could Happen”, “Stoned Soul Picnic”, “Sweet Blindness”, “Wedding Bell Blues”, and “One Less Bell to Answer”.

After leaving The 5th Dimension, Marilyn and Billy recorded “You Don’t Have to be a Star (to Be in My Show)”, a chart topping number 1 record, won them their own Grammy Award and a television series on CBS. They are named by Billboard, “The First Couple of Pop and Soul”.
Billy, devoted his efforts to a successful gospel music career and Marilyn performed in television’s “Solid Gold”. The couple enjoys tremendous success through the years as recording artists, performers and authors. They have received a total of 7 Grammy Awards, earned 15 gold and 3 platinum records.

Alex Thorne11:15AM (PST) – Alex Thorne, Chief Play Officer for ​​Toys “R” Us Canada

Toys “R” Us Canada – The Official Toys “R” Us Site – Toys, Games, & More

Alex Thorne is a grade nine student near Toronto, Ontario, Canada who has been the Chief Play Officer for Toys ”R” Us since 2013.

Jerry Linenger11:30AM (PST) – Jerry Linenger, astronaut, “Secret Space Escapes”

SECRET SPACE ESCAPES – TUESDAYS ​@ ​10/9c on Science Channel

Captain ​​Jerry Linenger is a retired United States Navy flight surgeon and NASA astronaut. A Naval Academy graduate, he holds doctorates in both medicine and research methodology, as well as dual master’s degrees in Policy and Systems Management. He has also been awarded three honorary doctorate degrees in science.

During what has been reported to be one of the most dangerous and dramatic missions in space history, Linenger spent nearly five months aboard the Russian space station Mir. He faced numerous life-threatening events, including repeated failure of critical life-support systems, a near-collision between the space station and an incoming re-supply spacecraft and computer failures that sent the space station tumbling uncontrollably through space. As if these problems were not enough, he narrowly survived a raging out-of-control fire that was later described as the most severe fire ever aboard an orbiting spacecraft. In spite of these challenges, Linenger and his two Russian crewmates accomplished all mission goals: shuttle docking, space walking, a Soyuz fly around and all 120 of the science experiments. In completing the mission, he logged 50 million miles, the equivalent distance of over 110 round trips to the moon, traveling at a speed of nearly 18,000 miles per hour. He was the first American ever to undock from a space station in a Russian Soyuz capsule and the first American to do a spacewalk in a Russian spacesuit. At mission completion, Linenger held the endurance record for the longest time in space for an American man. In 2008, NASA awarded Linenger the Distinguished Service Medal, the highest award conferred by NASA, citing his courage and outstanding service to our country.

Linenger is author of the books Off the Planet, which chronicles his time in space; and Letters from Mir: An Astronauts Letters to His Son. He collaborated with National Geographic Explorer on “The Angel Effect”, a documentary revealing how he was able to endure the solitary conditions of his mission and the science behind the “Third Man Factor”. He is a founding board member of the global freshwater think tank Circle of Blue and has been awarded the 2012 Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s Gold Medal in recognition of his remarkable achievements in space. He has appeared in numerous documentaries seen on Discovery, Nova, History Channel, PBS and National Geographic Television. As a space analyst, Linenger is seen frequently on NBC’s TODAY, Nightly News, as well as on various CBS, CNN, PBS and FOX news shows. He has also worked behind the scenes as scientific advisor to various futuristic voyages to Mars films.
Linenger was awarded the 2013 “Trailblazer Award” from WSU School of Medicine for his lifelong contributions to medical research and to the advancement of medicine. In his free time, Linenger enjoys bicycling, ice hockey, swimming, and stand-up paddle-boarding.
He now lives back on the planet in northern Michigan with his wife, Kathryn, and their four children.

The Marilu Henner Show – Wednesday November 18th 2015

Kat Perkins9:15AM (PST) – Kat Perkins, “The Voice” Correspondent


Growing up the daughter of a music teacher, Kat Perkins has been singing, dancing, and performing for just about as long as she can remember. At just 15 years old, she made the move to the Twin Cities from rural North Dakota and her professional career began as she became a success in the Minneapolis-St. Paul theatre scene.

Over the years, Perkins has performed and recorded with her bands Scarlet Haze, Northern Comfort, and SKITZOfrenic. Scarlet Haze’s third record came out February of 2012 and was produced by James ‘Fluff’ Harley of World Record Productions and the debut single features Guns N’ Roses guitars Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal, Nine Inch Nails drummer Ilan Rubin, Grammy-nominated producer Joe Marlett (Foo Fighters, Korn) and her current musical director Eric Warner.
Perkins recently found herself in the national spotlight on NBC’s THE VOICE as a Top 5 contestant coached by Adam Levine (of Maroon 5). Her single, “Fearless” was produced by John Fields (Pink, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez) and independently hit #5 upon release on the iTunes charts.

When not on stage, you can usually find Perkins nannying, writing, recording and constantly coming up with new projects as well as managing other bands in the business. She speaks at many schools also.

Barbara Corcoran9:30AM (PST) – Barbara Corcoran, “Shark Tank”​​

Barbara Corcoran Seal of Approval Contest
“SHARK TANK’S” BARBARA CORCORAN Supports the Small Business Entrepreneurial Spirit: Announces Contest with 10 Thousand Dollar Prize and Opportunity for In-Person Visit with Three Winning Businesses!


Barbara Corcoran’s credentials include straight D’s in high school and college and twenty jobs by the time she turned twenty-three. It was her next job that would make her one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country when she took a $1000 loan to start The Corcoran Group.

As one of the “Sharks” on ABC’s hit TV show, SHARK TANK, Barbara has ponied up her own money and invested in twenty-two businesses, competing to make those deals for all to see, then shepherding them to success.
Her newest book, SHARK TALES, takes you behind the scenes of her life and business and her ‘seen on TV’ venture capitalism. Barbara is famously brash and blunt, bold and courageous, and a brilliant identifier of opportunity and talent (often invisible to others).

Warren Zanes10:15AM (PST) – Warren Zanes, Author of the book “Petty: The Biography”

Warren Zanes holds a PhD in visual and cultural studies from the University of Rochester. He was a member of the Del Fuegos, and continues to record music. His work has appeared in The Oxford American, and he has served as a V.P. at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and is currently the Executive Director of Steven Van Zandt’s Rock and Roll Forever Foundation.

Alison Levine11:15AM (PST) – Alison Levine, Author of the book, “On the Edge”
On the Edge: Leadership Lessons from Mount Everest and Other Extreme Environments

Alison Levine is a history-making polar explorer and mountaineer. She served as team captain of the first American Women’s Everest Expedition, climbed the highest peak on each continent and skied to both the North and South Poles—a feat known as the Adventure Grand Slam, which fewer than forty people in the world have achieved. In January 2008, she made history as the first American to complete a 600-mile traverse from west Antarctica to the South Pole following the route of legendary explorer Reinhold Messner. Levine completed this arduous journey on skis while hauling 150 pounds of her gear and supplies in a sled harnessed to her waist. Her success in extreme environments is noteworthy given she has had three heart surgeries and suffers from Raynaud’s disease, which causes the arteries that feed her fingers and toes to collapse in cold weather—leaving her at extreme risk for frostbite.

In addition to having tackled some of the most challenging environments in the outdoors, Levine also spent time climbing the corporate ladder. She worked in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, earned an MBA from Duke University, and spent three years working for Goldman Sachs. She left Goldman in 2003 to serve as deputy finance director for Arnold Schwarzenegger in his successful bid to become Governor of California.
In 2005, Levine founded the Climb High Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of jobless women in Africa by training them to be trekking guides and porters in their local mountains so that they would have the skills to earn a sustainable living wage through climbing-related tourism. Her work in Uganda enabled the first group of local women to make history when they climbed Uganda’s highest peak—Mt Stanley, in the Rwenzori Mountains. Her work in Uganda is the subject of the PBS documentary Living Courageously.
Levine served as an adjunct instructor at the United States Military Academy at West Point in the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership and is a strategic advisor for the Thayer Leader Development Group at West Point, an executive education a program that shares West Point leadership best practices with senior level-executives from the public and private sectors. She was a contributing author to the book Leadership in Dangerous Situations: A Handbook for the Armed Forces, Emergency Services and First Responders (Naval Institute Press). She also serves on the board of the Coach K Center on Leadership & Ethics at Duke University.

A sought-after consultant and keynote speaker on the subject of leadership development, Levine has addressed audiences ranging from Fortune 500 companies to professional sports teams to the prestigious World Economic Forum at Davos. She is a member of the Silicon Guild and is the author of the New York Times best-seller On the Edge: The Art of High-Impact Leadership. Having spent prolonged periods of time in some of the world’s most dangerous and inhospitable places, she tackles the topics of creating cohesive teams, taking responsible risks and developing no-nonsense leaders that can succeed in times of uncertainty.

Dr. Garth Davis11:30AM (PST) – Dr. Garth Davis, author of “Proteinaholic: How Our Obsession with Meat Is Killing Us and What We Can Do About It”

Garth Davis, M.D. is the medical director of the Davis Clinic at the Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas, and starred on the hit TLC show Big Medicine. Dr. Davis graduated from the UT in Austin, then completed his surgical residency at The University of Michigan. While there, Dr. Davis underwent extensive training in general surgical disciplines, specializing in laparoscopic procedures. He is certified by the American Board of Surgery and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a Fellow of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. He is the author of Proteinaholic: How Our Obsession With Meat is Killing Us and What We Can Do About It (HarperOne; Oct. 6, 2015).

Dr. Davis has been named a Texas Monthly “Super Doc” several times, most recently in 2015. Dr. Davis is a recognized expert in initial bariatric procedures as well as revisional bariatric surgery, and frequently lectures on the importance of a plant-based diet. He is dedicated to helping people discover the foods and adopt the behaviors that can lead to a healthy and happy life. Now that he’s a totally recovered Proteinaholic, Dr. Davis competes in marathons and Ironman triathlons. He lives in Houston with his family, a shy cat, and an absurdly large dog.

The Marilu Henner Show – Tuesday November 17th 2015

Ariana Madix9:30AM (PST) – Ariana Madix, “Vanderpump Rules”​​

Season 4 of BRAVO’s international hit series​ ​”Vanderpump Rules” – Mondays at 9/8c

Funny, talented and beautiful are all ways to describe actress and television personality Ariana Madix, who is currently making a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Her stunning beauty combined with street smarts, determination and raw talent have positioned her as a force to be reckoned with. Ariana can currently be seen starring on BRAVO’s international hit series “Vanderpump Rules”, season four premiered on November 2, 2015.

Born in Melbourne, Florida, Ariana always had dreams of being an actress. As early as kindergarten, she would do stand up comedy performances in the family living room and eventually participated in her first musical in the sixth grade. She felt destined for Broadway and went on to study at Flagler College where she earned a BFA in Theater. Upon graduation, she packed up her bags and moved to New York City where she studied at NYU’s Tisch School, before following her dreams of working in film and television in Los Angeles. Since arriving in LA, Ariana has booked a handful of feature films including “Working It Out” [winner of the 2011 Appalachian Film Festival], “Attack Of The 50 Foot Cheerleader” [with Sean Young and Treat Williams] and can be seen next in “Dead End” alongside Vivica A. Fox.
On the television front, Ariana has stayed true to her love for comedy and has been seen in “Dads” [Fox] and “Anger Management” [FX]. She has also starred in numerous College Humor Original skits for the popular YouTube Channel. These different roles have enabled her to hone her skills, whether it be performing in a sitcom in front of a live audience, or playing pop icons Taylor Swift or Britney Spears in comedy sketches. She has become known for her unparalleled work ethic and respect for everyone on a set, from the writers, to the crew, and cannot wait to see where the next chapter in her journey takes her.

While in between being on set, Ariana enjoys riding horses and has been an avid horseback rider for years, participating in three day eventing and show jumping since she was six years old. She has a horse named Raven that she keeps at her childhood home near Kennedy Space Center. Giving back to the community is also important to her, and she has worked with Mutt Scouts fostering dogs, anti-bullying group Bullies Reality, and is a supporter of various GLADD events throughout the year, recently participating in their “Spirit Day” campaign as well as the Los Angeles AIDS Walk.
Ariana currently resides in Los Angeles.

Delia Ephron

Photo credit: Elena Seibert

10:00AM (PST) – Delia Ephron, novelist, screenwriter, and author of books of humor

Delia’s newest book is Do I Have to Say Hello? Aunt Delia’s Manners Quiz for Kids and Their Grownups

Delia Ephron is a bestselling author and screenwriter. Her movies include The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, You’ve Got Mail, Hanging Up (based on her novel), and Michael. She has written novels for adults and teenagers, including her most recent, The Lion Is In; books of humor, including How to Eat Like a Child; and essays. Her journalism has appeared frequently in The New York Times, and also in Vogue and Vanity Fair.

Jake Marcionette10:30AM (PST) – Jake Marcionette, Bestselling Teen Author

Jake’s third book, Just Jake – Camp Wild Survival

Bestselling author ​​Jake Marcionette made history when, at age 12, he became the youngest fiction author to grace the New York Times’ Top 10 with the first book in his popular Just Jake series. Three years later, Jake is releasing his third book, “Just Jake – Camp Wild Survival”.
Just Jake #1 was published in February 2014. Just Jake #2 came out one year later, and now Just Jake #3 is slated for January 2016. Jake considers the third in the series his best book yet. He wanted to write books for kids, about a kid, and from his experiences being a kid. The books are published as part of Jake’s deal with Grosset & Dunlap, an imprint of Penguin Group. Jake is the youngest author in the history of Penguin Books to get a publishing deal.

In addition to writing, Jake, now a Tenth Grader in Jacksonville, Florida, is a successful motivational speaker. He travels to schools nationwide talking to students about the importance of writing, literacy, determination, and crafting their own road map to success. In addition, Jake has given motivational talks to schools in Canada, Indonesia, and Europe via Skype. An avid reader, Jake’s goal as an author is “to get kids to read and laugh”. Recently Jake has enjoyed reading a variety of biographies including those of Jon Stewart, Coach K (of Duke’s Men’s basketball), Coach John Wooden (UCLA’s men’s basketball), and the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. Jake’s all time favorite book is The Godfather by Mario Puzo. He is also a huge fan of the Vordak The Incomprehensible books.

Jake, who is Italian-American, was born in Singapore and moved to Poughkeepsie, New York at age three because of his attorney father’s job. His mother, who runs the education website would urge Jake and his sister to write every day from breakfast to lunch during summer break. A love for writing was born in Jake.
When he’s not reading, writing, or giving talks, Jake is your typical teen that loves playing and watching sports, hanging with his friends and hitting the beach.

Korie Robertson11:30AM (PST) – Korie Robertson, star of A&E’s “Duck Dynasty” and author of “Strong and Kind: And Other Important Character Traits Your Child Needs to Succeed”

Strong and Kind

Korie Robertson is a New York Times bestselling author, the wife of Duck Commander® CEO Willie Robertson, and star of A&E’s Duck Dynasty. She balances family life and her role at Duck Commander with several other ventures, including retail store Duck and Dressing, philanthropic work in the Dominican Republic, adoption and foster care advocacy, and overseeing licensing for the family brands. Korie met Willie in third grade when he asked her to go on a moonlight hike at summer camp. They have been married since 1992 and have five children.