GirlieGirlArmy: How To Set Yourself Up For Vegan Success

Being vegan is pretty easy nowadays, but sometimes, life hands us challenges.

That’s why we’ve compiled our best tips for the most common issues plant-based people face out there in the real world. These resources are just the shortcuts you need to get straight to the advice and set yourself up for success…in any situation.

Vegucated's Guide to Vegan - Quick Fixes

“Being Vegan is Too Expensive or Time Consuming”

Unless you’re subsisting on frozen veggie burgers and apples (tsk tsk, friend), you may find yourself spending a little extra time to prep healthful, real foods (that cucumber ain’t gonna chop itself…). And, if you’ve been stocking up on gourmet vegan products, sure, you’re going to get grocery store sticker shock . But, there are plenty of shopping and food prep strategies that will save you time and money, and help ensure that you’re eating a balanced diet.

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