MindBodyGreen: How To Fall Asleep When Your Mind Won’t Shut Off

WomanAsleepWithBookOnStomach-850x400Do you ever lie awake in bed, wanting to sleep, but your mind just won’t shut off?

That was me for about seven years. I got five hours of sleep a night — if I was lucky. Sometimes it felt like I didn’t sleep a wink! This was the case until I saw a medicine man in Bali. He finally gave me a tip about how to get about seven hours of sleep a night. It’s bliss, and I’ve added a few extra techniques of my own that will help you reach a sweet, peaceful slumber.

If you can’t sleep, don’t get frustrated; get smart. Ask yourself: Why can’t I sleep? Here are a few questions that will help you arrive at the answer:

Were you racing around all day and haven’t had a moment of down time?

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