The Marilu Henner Show – Tuesday October 14th 2014

Kat Perkins9:10AM (PST) – Kat Perkins, “The Voice” Season 6 (“The Voice” airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC)

Our next guest recently found herself in the national spotlight on NBC’s THE VOICE as a Top 5 contestant coached by Adam Levine. Her new EP “Fearless” is available now at all digital retailers.

Kat is a daughter of a music teacher. She is originally from the tiny town of Scranton, North Dakota. She has been singing, dancing, and performing for as long as she can remember. At 15 years old, she moved to the Twin Cities and her professional career began as she became a success in the Minneapolis-St. Paul theatre scene. Kat and her ex-husband had a band together, but when they divorced six months later, Kat took a break from music. The Voice was the first chance she’d had to go solo. Her single, “Fearless” was produced by John Fields (Pink, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez) and independently hit #5 upon release on the iTunescharts. When not on stage, you can usually find Perkins nannying, writing, recording and managing other bands in the business.

Mark Whitaker9:30AM (PST) – Mark Whitaker, author of the book, “Cosby: His Life and Times”

The man you are about to meet is here to take us behind the scenes for an inside look into the life of one of America’s favorite comedians and actor.

Whitaker is the author of the critically acclaimed memoir My Long Trip Home (2011). The former managing editor of CNN, he was previously Washington bureau chief for NBC News and a reporter and editor at Newsweek, where he rose to become the first African American leader of a national newsweekly. Now, with meticulous reporting and impressive detail, he provides the most comprehensive portrait of Bill Cosby to date and makes a persuasive case for Cosby as a groundbreaking comic and a quiet but far-ranging pioneer of black advancement. (Publishers Weekly)
Whitaker shares how Cosby pulled himself together after an aimless adolescence by joining the Navy, talking his way into college, and seizing his first breaks as a stand-up comedian. Through lively detail and anecdotes from Cosby and those who knew him best, we follow Cosby‘s journey from a Philadelphia housing project to The Tonight Show, where he first performed on television.

Published on the thirtieth anniversary of The Cosby Show, the book reveals the behind-the-scenes story of that groundbreaking sitcom as well as Cosby‘s bestselling albums, breakout role on I Spy, and pioneering place in children‘s television. But it also deals with professional setbacks and personal dramas, from an affair that sparked public scandal to the murder of his only son, and the private influence of his wife of fifty years, Camille Cosby. Whitaker explores the roots of Cosby‘s controversial views about race, as well as the Cosby effect that helped pave the way for a black president.

The Secret Power of Middle Children10:30AM (PST) – Dr. Catherine Salmon and Katrin Schumann, authors of the book, “The Secret Power of Middle Children”

We all know the stereotype: middle children are wallflowers, overshadowed by their siblings and neglected by their parents, and they turn into resentful, bitter adults. But if that is true, why are so many middle children throughout history—from Abraham Lincoln to Donald Trump and Madonna—wildly successful? With constructive advice on how to maximize the benefits and avoid the pitfalls of being a middle, the women you are about to meet help middleborns, their parents and partners see how birth order can be used as a strategy for success.

Dr. Catherine SalmonCatherine Salmon is an associate professor of psychology at the University of Redlands. Her research interests cover everything from birth order and family dynamics to eating disorders, reproductive suppression, and sexuality. She holds a PhD in psychology and a BSc in biology from McMaster University. Salmon has been featured on Oxygen and the Science Channel, and co-authored (with Don Symons) Warrior Lovers: erotic fiction, evolution, and female sexuality. In addition, she has co-edited a variety of books, including the recent Oxford Handbook of Evolutionary Family Psychology and writes a blog on birth order for Psychology Today, called Ape Girl. Born in Canada, she lives in southern California and is involved in animal rescue and rehabilitation.
Catherine’s University of Redlands Page

Katrin SchumannFor the past ten years, Katrin Schumann has been specializing in collaborative writing, editing and teaching (most recently at a women’s prison). Schumann’s first book, Mothers Need Time-Outs, Too, is for stressed out modern mothers. She has been featured on TODAY, and her work has appeared in newspapers, magazines, and radio nationally and internationally. Granted scholarships to Oxford University and Stanford, Schumann is the recipient of the Kogan Media Award. Before going freelance, she worked behind-the-scenes in television and at NPR stations throughout the U.S. Schumann was born in Germany, grew up in New York and London, and now lives in Massachusetts with her husband and three children.
Katrin’s Website

Natasha Case11:30 AM (PST) – Natasha Case, CEO & co-founder of Coolhaus

The young woman you’re about to meet has found a way to combine her degree in Architecture and her love of food to create one of the fastest-growing businesses in the country. She was named one of Forbes magazine’s 30 Under 30, and once you try one of her ice cream sandwiches, you’ll be hooked.

Natasha is the CEO & co-founder of Coolhaus, the architecturally-inspired gourmet ice cream company. She uses her Masters Degree in Architecture & love for food to teach the masses about famous architects & design movements. Natasha is a Forbes 30 Under 30 (she’ll be a guest speaker at the Forbes summit later this month), Zagat 30 Under 30 & spokesperson for the CA Milk Advisory Board.