The Marilu Henner Show – Tuesday July 7th 2015

Mary Lane Haskell9:15AM (PST) – Mary Lane Haskell, The Displaced Debutante

Mary Lane Haskell believes that in previous lives she lived in Jane Austen’s England and Margaret Mitchell’s Antebellum South. In this life however she is an actor, an avid journaler, and a profound Chipotle enthusiast making her way in New York City. But you can call her The Displaced Debutante.

The Displaced Debutante is a blog inspired by successes, struggles, and snapshot moments from the life of a 20-something single girl in New York City trying to balance the “Southern Belle” she was taught to be and the “Modern Woman” she feels compelled to become, all in the face of online dating, the hipster movement, and a serious frozen yogurt addiction.

Mel White9:30AM (PST) – Mel White, Nat Geo WILD’s “Destination WILD” special, Real Angry Birds

The Destination Wild series premieres with Real Angry Birds on Sunday, July 12 at 9/8c on Nat Geo WILD

White is the author of the National Geographic book, Angry Birds – 50 True Stories of the Fed Up, Furious and Feathered. He is also a spokesperson for the new Nat Geo WILD Destination Wild special, Real Angry Birds, premiering Sunday, July 12 at 9/8c.

From Alaska and the Amazon River to the Blue Ridge Parkway and Belize, White has written more than 40 stories for National Geographic Traveler and more than a dozen stories for National Geographic. He has also written or contributed to more than 20 travel and nature guidebooks, including “Complete National Park Guide to the United States”, “Eastern Parklands”, “Guide to Small Town Escapes”, and “Guide to America’s Outdoors – Southwest” for National Geographic’s book division. White’s most recent travel book is “The 10 Best of Everything National Parks“.

A Conway, Ark. native, White came by his interest naturally. His mother was “a backyard bird watcher.” “By six years of age, I was a bird nut,” said White, who devoured bird books, studied field guides, and spent Sunday drives with his parents looking for birds around central Arkansas.
Previously White was an editor for The Arkansas Times and a copy editor for The Arkansas Democrat. White graduated from Hendrix College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities.​

Ziggy Gruber

Photo credit: Patric Schneider

10:30AM (PST) – Ziggy Gruber, Documentary, Deli Man, is available on DVD and Blu Ray today
Deli Man – Trailer

Ziggy Gruber is a deli man, like his father and grandfather before him. In fact, his grandfather, Max, opened the first deli on Broadway, The Rialto Deli, in 1927. Gruber is part New Yorker (he was born and grew up there), part entertainer and now part Texan, having moved to Houston 13 years ago to open the city’s top deli, Kenny & Ziggy’s New York Delicatessen Restaurant. He is a graduate of the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu in London and trained in a three-Michelin star London restaurant before opening his first deli in NYC then another in Los Angeles before opening Kenny & Ziggy’s.​

Donna Setaro11:15AM (PST) – Donna Setaro, New Jersey Move Over Law

New Jersey Move Over Law

​On ​​June 6th 2010 Donna Setaro‘s Son, NJ State Trooper Marc K. Castellano #6397, was killed in the line of duty by a motorist who failed ​​to​ ​follow the Move Over Law Title 39:4-92:2. Since that time she realized that less then​ ​15% of the NJ drivers are aware of this law.​ ​Every state in the USA has this law except Washington DC. With the help and support on the NJSP Donna created a presentation with target audience being high school students. To date she has given 450 presentations to over 56,000 people. The death of her son ​​has set the course of a journey Donna never ever expected to be on. Her goal is to speak to 100,000 people. She looks forward to the opportunity​ ​to speak about her mission…the law and its devastating effect of not following the law.

Dani Klein Modisett11:30AM (PST) – Dani Klein Modisett, author of the book, “Take My Spouse Please”

Dani Klein Modisett is the comedian-turned-author and editor of the book “Afterbirth…stories you won’t read in Parents magazine”, ​​(St. Martin’s Press, 2009). Based on the live show she created by the same name, the NY Post raved about “Afterbirth…” calling it “…the Vagina Monologues for the stroller set.”
Three years ago she launched a spin-off of this show. This time the subject was marriage and she called it, “Not What I Signed Up For”. On these shows she and acclaimed actors and writers, perform original, funny stories about how marriage and parenting challenges them in unexpected ways. The performances have played to sold-out audiences in Boston, San Francisco and New York City. Inspired by “Not What I Signed Up For”, Dani came up with the idea for her second book, “Take My Spouse, Please” ​​(Shambhala Press, 2015). In this book Dani interviews long term couples and explores how the cardinal rules of comedy, can help couples laugh more.

Dani recently completed a web series of Scripps Entertainment called “How To Stay Married”, which she wrote, produced and hosted. These shows take on the major challenges of marriage like money, fighting, finances and sex and asks real couples how they manage them and keep smiling.
Dani also just launched a webseries the pilot for The NY Times using the “Take My Spouse, Please”, title, and subject matter to create docu-style shorts where she interviews long-term couples.
As a writer, Dani’s essays can be found in Lonely Planet’s “Lights, Camera, Travel”, edited by Andrew McCarthy and “The Cassoulet Saved Our Marriage: True Tales of Food, Family and How We Learn to Eat”, for Roost Books. Dani is also a frequent contributor to LA Parent Magazine, Huffington Post, and Parents Magazine. She has also written for The LA Times, Brainchild Magazine,, She has appeared on The Today Show, The Madeleine Brand Show, “Jen and Barb, Mom Life“, and most recently on “Parental Discretion”, for NickMom.
Before children, Dani worked a comedian at clubs and colleges across the country. She was also a member of the Broadway tour of “Twilight of the Golds”, and a member of “Laughter on the 23rd Floor” company. Dani made numerous television appearances on shows like “Law & Order” and “Las Vegas”.

Dani taught Stand-up comedy at UCLA for nearly a decade and now teaches a workshop called “Writing For Performance”. She is a graduate of Dartmouth College and lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two sons.​