The Marilu Henner Show – Monday October 5th 2015

Adanna Duru10:00AM (PST) – Adanna Duru, American Idol

A​uditions for final season of American Idol​ end Tuesday 10/6. Adanna will weigh-in on the realities of auditioning and being a contestant

Featured on Season 3 of “The Voice” (Team Adam Levine) and the 2011 Southern California Icon winner, Adanna Duru is a Nigerian-American R&B-Soul/Pop-Dance/Rock singer-songwriter, dancer, choreographer, and musician. Her parents were born in Nigeria and came to the United States for college, eventually having her and her two brothers here. Born on October 10th, 1996, she has been singing and writing music for well over a decade. With her charisma and passion for what she does, she dreams of inspiring people all over the world with her music, dance, and efforts. Adanna performs throughout Southern California regularly and truly enjoys everything she does. She is a busy AP student and plays two Varsity sports at her high school; Track & Field and Volleyball. She competed in the Miss California Teen USA 2013 pageant and is very interested in giving back to her the community. In addition to many other services, Adanna is an ambassador of Stylites, a non-profit organization that raises funds for victims of human sex trafficking in developing countries. She actually brought Stylites to her high school and is co-president of the club; it is a huge hit.

Adanna is a very versatile artist-her many musical influences include Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Abba, Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Kelly Clarkson, Janet Jackson, and of course, Michael Jackson. Although she is constantly told these things, she doesn’t exactly consider herself a powerhouse vocalist…yet. Her absolute favorite musician and greatest musical inspiration of all time is Michael Jackson. Through positive messages and her inspiring artistic vision, Adanna knows that what she is capable of doing is one-of-a-kind. She loves interacting with fans.

Kym Gold10:30AM (PST) – Kym Gold, co-founder of True Religion Brand Jeans and author of the book, “Gold Standard: How to Rock the World and Run an Empire”

Gold Standard

Raised in Malibu, California, Kym Gold is the co-founder of designer jeans brand True Religion, which she left in 2007. Throughout the last 25 years, Kym’s unwavering drive and captivating style has helped to achieve multiple successes in the fashion industry, including the designer brand Babakul. She started out in fashion by selling t-shirts on Venice Beach and moved on to create notable clothing brands Bella Dahl and Hippie Jeans before co-founding True Religion Brand Jeans in 2002. Combining her 25 years of experience as an owner, entrepreneur, and designer, Kym has embarked on a new path of consultation for new, up-start fashion companies, and branding/marketing consultation for existing companies. She has three children and lives in Malibu.

Rosemary O'Connor11:15AM (PST) – Rosemary O’Connor, Author, “A Sober Mom’s Guide to Recovery”


Rosemary O’Connor is a certified addiction recovery coach, a certified professional coach, and founded ROC Recovery Services to respond to the specific needs of women and mothers in recovery. She has been a workshop facilitator for Bayside Marin and on staff of the Alta Mira Recovery Programs, Muir Wood Adolescent Family Program, and Five Sisters Ranch. Rosemary serves on the advisory board of Stepping Stone, the oldest alcohol and drug recovery program for women in northern California.

hhm11:30AM (PST) – Joe Dante, film director, producer, editor and actor & Huston Huddleston, the founder of the Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum and New Starship Foundation (NSF)

Kickstarter campaign to create the Hollywood Horror Museum – the world’s first educational nonprofit museum teaching the history and legacy of horror films, TV, art, makeup and literature

 Joe Dante

Joseph James “Joe” Dante, Jr. is an American film director, producer, editor and actor. Dante’s films include “Piranha” (1978) and “The Howling” (1981) (both from scripts by John Sayles), “Gremlins” (1984) and its sequel (1990), “Explorers” (1985), “Innerspace” (1987), “The ‘Burbs” (1989), “Matinee” (1993), “Small Soldiers” (1998), and “Looney Tunes: Back in Action” (2003). His work for television and cable includes immigration satire “The Second Civil War” (1997) and episodes of anthology series “Masters of Horror” (Homecoming and The Screwfly Solution) and “Amazing Stories”, as well as “Hawaii Five-0”.

Dante was born in Morristown, New Jersey and grew up in nearby Livingston. His father, Joseph James Dante, was a professional golf player, though Dante was more interested in becoming a cartoonist. Dante began his film career working for legendary low budget producer Roger Corman, who provided similar opportunities to future directors Francis Ford Coppola and James Cameron. He worked as an editor on “Grand Theft Auto” after co-directing Hollywood Boulevard with Allan Arkush. His next feature film, Roger Corman-produced “Piranha”, was released in 1978. Inspired by Steven Spielberg’s Jaws, the film was written by John Sayles. Dante then invited Sayles to rewrite the script for werewolf tale “The Howling”, loosely based on the novel by Gary Brandner. Dante directed episodes of cult television series “Police Squad”, before Steven Spielberg invited him to join the directing team on anthology movie “Twilight Zone: The Movie”. Dante’s segment, ‘It’s a Good Life’, featured cartoon-style special effects, and revolved around a woman (played by Kathleen Quinlan) who is ‘adopted’ by an omnipotent boy.
“Gremlins” (1984) proved one of Dante’s biggest hits to date. Combining horror and comedy elements, the film revolves around Billy (Zach Galligan), who is given a strange creature he calls Gizmo as a pet. After Billy fails to follow the rules for looking after Gizmo, the creature spawns other creatures, which transform into destructive monsters who then begin rampaging through the local town. Six years passed before Dante directed the even more anarchic “Gremlins 2: The New Batch” (1990), set this time in a New York high rise. Aside from the Gremlins films, Dante also worked with producer Steven Spielberg on comedy adventure “Innerspace” (1987), in which Dennis Quaid’s character is miniaturised and injected inside a human body. His 1985 boys meet alien tale “Explorers” marked the film debuts of actors River Phoenix and Ethan Hawke. Dante would later work with Tom Hanks on “The ‘Burbs” (1989), a black comedy in which Hanks’ character deals with nightmare neighbours. In 1993 Dante directed “Matinee”, which received positive reviews. Set during the 1960s, the film pays homage to B movies and the showmen who made and promoted them.
In 2007, Dante launched the web series “Trailers From Hell”, which provides commentary by directors, producers and screenwriters on trailers for classic and cult movies. He is also a contributor to the website. Dante’s 2009 film “The Hole 3D” received positive reviews, and was awarded the Premio Persol at the 2009 Venice Film Festival. With Roger Corman producing, Dante also directed the interactive web series “Splatter” for Netflix. The series stars Corey Feldman as a rock star seeking revenge on those he thinks have wronged him. Dante’s films are well known for their many references to other movies and for their special effects. Dante’s garage is frequently mentioned in audio commentaries as holding many of the props from his various films, including the Peltzer Peeler Juicer fromGremlins, and where the mock-pornographic scene in The Howling was shot. His respect for the screenwriter extends to the point where, in order to make sure Dante can confer with the writer on-set and provide some minor, additional remuneration, he always casts the writer in a small part of the production itself. The studio is normally unwilling to pay to have the writer on-set in any other way.

Dante has cited among his major influences Roger Corman, Chuck Jones, Frank Tashlin, James Whale and Jean Cocteau, as well as an admiration for the film Hellzapoppin’, from which he frequently borrows jokes because of how difficult the film is to see in the United States. As of 2015, he is also a member of the board of advisers for the Hollywood Horror Museum.

Huston Huddleston

As founder and CEO of the New Starship Foundation​,​ ​​Huston Huddleston​​ has long been dedicated to educating the world on the impact Science Fiction has had on modern culture and technology. The son of Oscar-winning composer Floyd Huddleston and singer/arranger Nancy Adams​,​ he has always been influenced and inspired by all things creative. Huston has composed over 100 songs for various artists, written multiple screenplays and musicals, as well as two animated films for Don Bluth.