The Marilu Henner Show – Friday December 18th 2015

Grae Drake9:15AM (PST) – Grae Drake, Senior Editor at Rotten Tomatoes

In 6th grade, when Rotten Tomatoes Senior Editor Grae Drake was arranging movie outings for all her friends, she picked the movie. Through the years studying film at the University of Texas at Austin, being honored by Sundance and the Director’s Guild of America, and working as a filmmaker in Los Angeles, she realized how terrible she was at keeping her opinions to herself. The Popcorn Mafia podcast was born, and led to her becoming CNN’s movie critic. She also has dished the dirt with stars on HLN’s Showbiz Tonight, Fox News, G4’s Attack of the Show, and is a regular at the TV Guide Network and the Reelz Channel. Her passionate thoughts can also be heard on terrestrial radio all over North America. And just to note, she still won’t let other people pick the movies.

Magi Helena10:15AM (PST) – Magi Helena, Certified Level IV Magi Astrologer and creator of the Star-Timer Calendar

Magi Helena is creator of the Star-Timer Calendar, used by actors, singers and directors, it gives a personalized look into your star patterns that can guide your choices in work, love and life. She is a Certified Level IV Magi Astrologer (one of only two practicing at the highest level of certification) and has clients in every state and in 40 countries worldwide. She works with corporations as well as individuals to discover relationship compatibility, whether in the workplace or romantically. She is an instructor in the Magi Astrology Certification Program and author of Build Your Dream Life and How To Sing The Uni-Verse.

Shakil Hussain10:45AM (PST) – Shakil Hussain, the inventor of The Sky Deck, and President and CEO of Windspeed Technologies

Originally from Singapore, Mr. Shakil Hussain has a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington, a diploma in Business Management and over 20 years of experience as an Aircraft Stress engineer. His experience includes Composite and metallic aircraft structures including fatigue and damage tolerance analysis.
He has held the position of Chief Engineer, Engineering Manager and Senior Engineer in the past in the USA and Singapore. Mr. Hussain has worked on several aircraft programs and models including 787-8, 787-9, 787-10, 777-200LR/300ER, 777 VIP Interior Configuration, 747-100 Cargo-Combi Special Freighter Conversion, 747-8 cargo and passenger aircraft, 747-400 aircraft, 737 BBJ, 737 NG system installation, Gulfstream GIV & GV executive jets, MD80 cargo conversion and DC9 engine hush kit.

His hobbies include windsurfing, flying, biking and reading.

NuLife11:15AM (PST) – Kage Njaka, Founder and Executive Director & JD Meints, Co-Founder and Director of Development and Operations at NuLife Recovery

NuLife Recovery in Calabasas specializes in working with addiction in the music industry – they have an entire program focusing on this issue, helping musicians who have addiction problems but no insurance or funds to get help

Kage Njaka
Kage Njaka is all about the belief that sobriety must be filled with passion, a passion that merges with the individual and which fuels the ongoing love for living. He opened his first recovery facility in 2006, which quickly gained regional attention due to its unique structure and affordability. Over the years, he has fostered strong business and personal relations with various treatment facilities throughout areas like Malibu, Los Angeles and Ventura County. Today, NuLife Treatment Center represents the evolution of his passion for recovery. Having teamed up with partner JD Meints, together they plan on harnessing a myriad of highly effective treatment tools as they embark on a mission to change the world, one addict and one family at a time.

Kage’s corporate finance degree from West Virginia University set the stage for embarking on a journey entailing prominent positions in the banking and finance industry, as well as in pharmaceutical sales with Merck. Soon after moving from the East Coast to California in the early 90’s, his entrepreneurial spirit manifested through property acquisition and development. Having learned the intricate balance between working hard and working smart, while always keeping his own personal recovery above and beyond all else, he was able to broaden his scope into the realms of television and music production. Over the years, he has held lead interests in a number of entertainment and music productions, some of which have gained national acclaim.

JD Meints
Fascinated with business, leadership and what motivates people from an early age JD Meints knew he was born to create organizations and movements that would make a significant impact on the world. Growing up in a family of Entrepreneurs JD learned early what it took to be in the top 95% of self made business owners. Sometimes called forceful and expansive with his beliefs others at times interpret JD as being too direct, domineering or intensive. Feeling at times unable to get his mind to “turn-off” or by being “misunderstood” it comes as no surprise that it was just a matter of time until alcohol soon become a problem creating a wall that would take decades to surmount, but he did.
Being of a goal-oriented mindset JD brings an acclaimed track record of success that includes a BS in Finance at San Diego State University. His inherent love for the ever-evolving world of business and technology has brought him to such positions as, Founder & CEO of a leading automotive aftermarket ecommerce platform, Founder & CEO of a North American residential property management software technology company, Executive VP of Business Development with a worldwide software consultancy and committee membership at the Insurance Accounting and Systems Association, Inc. Today however, with a love for sobriety and its life-changing gifts, JD works closely with Kage in creating and fostering an enhanced approach to residential treatment that aims to dramatically improve historically low success rates seen at so many typical rehab centers. It is JD’s vision of positively impacting 1,000,000 lives affected by alcoholism & addiction that gives him the passion to drive change in the world by proving your greatest weakness, in his case Alcoholism can be your greatest strength. JD is currently working on a book with business partner Kage Njaka entitled “The Alcoholic Entrepreneur” that will tell the story of their lives with the goal of inspiring those who suffer from addiction by proving they too can change themselves and improve the world every day.

Today JD lives in Bell Canyon, CA with his Wife Samrah, daughters Alexis and Mackenzie. JD has dedicated himself to living a well-balanced life between family, health, fitness, community involvement and building Nulife. Even with his busy life JD has found time to start movements such as The Hope & Recovery Foundation a charity aimed at helping those in entertainment struggling from addiction seek proper long term treatment and The Color Blind® concept, founded on the premise that we are all “One”.