woo meOur brand new class is going to change the way you look at things this month. Marilu has always been ahead of the curve. When The Total Health Makeover was first published there were people who thought the principles were extreme. And today the perception has gone from extreme to mainstream. Servers are not surprised when a customer requests a dairy free meal and almost everyone knows how to pronounce “vegan”. We’ve come a long way baby!

This month we’re going to kick it up a notch and take a look at what our class coach, the wonderful Karmama, likes to call “The World of Woo”. Some of you are already familiar with some of the topics and will want to delve deeper. Some of the concepts may be new to you. Wherever you are in your health journey you owe it to yourself to take a peek at this class and see what speaks to you: flower essence remedies, chakras, astrology, AFFIRMATIONS! What can be more loving in February than affirmations?

Class begins on Monday February 16th. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about ANY of these topics this is the place to do it. You won’t find a more loving, supportive environment than Marilu.com.