Changing Normal – How I Helped My Husband Beat Cancer – 2016
Total Memory Makeover – 2013
Wear Your Life Well – 2009
The 30 Day Total Health Makeover – 2001
Healthy Life Kitchen – 2000
Marilu Henner’s Total Health Makeover – 2000
I Refuse to Raise a Brat – 2000

Changing Normal – How I Helped My Husband Beat Cancer

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Changing Normal - How I Helped my Husband Beat Cancer

New York Times bestselling author, memory expert, radio host, and beloved actor Marilu Henner delivers an intimate account of how she and her husband stood together in the face of cancer and triumphed—without chemotherapy or radiation.

Marilu Henner was moving on with her life after a divorce when her old college classmate Michael Brown, whom she had not seen in over twenty years, called her out of nowhere. Within days of their first meeting in 2003, they were planning a life together, and soon they were inseparable as Michael became ever more integrated into Marilu’s family. But after only months they were thrown the ultimate curveball: Michael was diagnosed with bladder cancer, and then lung cancer.

Marilu refused to lose the love of her life so easily. With the knowledge she had gained on her own health journey, chronicled in several of her bestselling books, Marilu set about finding a path for Michael that would use the best of Eastern and Western medicine to beat his cancers and return Michael to optimal health. Michael eschewed traditional treatments and with Marilu’s help, aided by knowledgeable and sympathetic doctors, he forged his own path.

In this moving and informative book, Marilu tells the story of their fast-paced romance and how this contrasted with the day-to-day battle for Michael’s life. Michael tells the story from his point of view: the search for the cause of his cancer, the mental anguish he felt as he realized how responsible he was for his condition, the physical and mental hardships that he had to overcome, and the triumph of love that made it all worthwhile.

Not a “how-to” book in the traditional sense, Changing Normal is a book of empowerment, a call for all those facing similar challenges to take responsibility for their lives, to search for the causes of their illness and address them directly. Written with an engaging voice, a sense of humor, and life-changing wisdom, Changing Normal is a personal and touching look at how Marilu and Michael faced down a cancer diagnosis and came out the other side happier, healthier, and more in love than ever.

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Total Memory Makeover: Uncover Your Past, Take Charge of Your Future

From Marilu Henner—beloved actress and one of only twelve people known to have a “Superior Autobiographical Memory”—comes a guide to enhancing your life by improving your memory, based on her own personal experience.

Could the confidence you felt when your prom date said yes embolden you to ask for a raise today? Would the thrill of wearing your skinny jeans last year inspire you to skip this morning’s doughnuts? Could the details of your early days with a heartbreaking ex illuminate potential red flags in a sexy new romance?

Marilu Henner says, “YES!”

Total Memory Makeover is unlike any memory book ever written. The simple, practical (and fun!) exercises in this unique book will help you:

  • Stop turning painful memories into emotional baggage
  • Discover your personal memory Track
  • Unlock repressed memories that are holding you back
  • Recall memories faster and stop them from fading
  • Turn your memories into a treasure map to an extraordinary future!

Are you ready? Let’s get started on your Total Memory Makeover!

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Wear Your Life Well: Use What You Have to Get What You Want

Wear Your Life Well:Use What You Have to Get What You Want

It’s not enough just to live—you have to wear your life well!

Learn how in this inspiring guide from New York Times bestselling author and beloved actress Marilu Henner.

Marilu Henner is in better shape now in her fifties than she was in her twenties—at peak health, working with her active online community at, and celebrating life with her new husband, whom she helped cure of cancer. Now she’s back with this exciting guide to making your life work for you, whatever your age or condition.

With the verve of a teenager and the wisdom of a sage, Marilu breaks down all the elements in our lives—our minds, our bodies, and the world around us—that can sabotage our progress, and helps us discover the best in ourselves. Whether you need a major life change or simply want new ideas on improving your life, Marilu Henner is your perfect cheerleader, muse, and mentor.

“She’s dropped 54 pounds and kept it off, transformed her health and inspired thousands of others to do the same—so it’s no wonder we’ve always admired Marilu Henner.” (Woman’s World)

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The 30 Day Total Health Makeover: Everything You Need to Do to Change Your Body, Your Health, and Your Life in 30 Amazing Days

The 30 Day Total Health Makeover

“Health is not just about weight or appearance, but rather about a much bigger picture. I really believe that you can’t be a healthy person unless everything is working together. Your body, your mind, your living space. Live in my world for 30 days and I promise you will feel better.” – Marilu Review

Marilu Henner’s bestselling Total Health Makeover introduced readers to her B.E.S.T. plan: a lifestyle focused on Balance, Energy, Stamina, and the use of only Toxin-free foods and products. While Henner and her many converts swear by the low-sugar, meat- and dairy-free meals in the makeover, it requires a major amount of effort and advance planning. (For example, if you went searching in your pantry right now, could you find quinoa, bulgur, or Soy Moo?) Many readers urged Henner to simplify things for them. The result is The 30-Day Total Health Makeover, with each day’s menu and recipes preplanned for you. She even provides the shopping lists and mentions her favorite brands for cereals, soups, salad dressings, sauces, grains, and frozen foods.

Henner’s aim, as with the Total Health Makeover, is to not only assist you with weight loss (if necessary), but to help you change your relationship with food. “Many of us only think of healthy eating as a polite way of saying we’re going to be deprived,” she says. “What if you didn’t need that sugar and dairy anymore, and actually began to see it as a detriment? What if you had those foods once in a while but learned how to help your body recover from them quickly?”

In addition to the diet (which Henner says has helped her shed–and keep off–more than 40 pounds, and cleared up her once-splotchy complexion), she includes fun, motivational tidbits, including a “spa on a budget” and food and exercise tips. Typos are annoyingly scattered throughout the book, but it’s worth overlooking them to absorb Henner’s abundant enthusiasm for good health. –Erica Jorgensen –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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Healthy Life Kitchen

Marilu Henner's Healthy Life Kitchen

If you’re like most people, 70 percent of what’s in your kitchen right now is unhealthy and has to go. Now the good news … there are healthy and tasty alternatives to everything in your refrigerator and pantry, and the transition is easier than you think.

When it comes to food, most of us go through a constant tug-of-war between the foods we love and the foods we feel we should be eating. But what if we didn’t have to give up our favorite foods? What if we could take recipes from our childhood or our favorite cookbooks and find healthier ways to enjoy them?

Marilu Henner’s Healthy Life Kitchen shows you a new way, a better way, to create a “health factory” in your home. Out go the red meat, dairy, and refined sugar products, and in come the freshest fruits, vegetables, grains, soy, seafood, poultry, and seasonings imaginable-and, in a few easy steps, you’ve created a Healthy Life you!

After inspiring legions of readers with Marilu Henner’s Total Health Makeover and The 30-Day Total Health Makeover, Marilu presents the first cookbook in her bestselling series, introducing tantalizing dishes that fit perfectly into her life-changing health plan. Marilu has collected her best-loved recipes of the last twenty years and mixed in her distinctive warmth and humor. With pioneering health advice, helpful kitchen tips, and plenty of gusto, she serves up a magical array of hearty meals for your nourishment and pleasure.

Only Healthy Life Kitchen features:

  • 175 delicious recipes, such as Blueberry Crunch Muffins, Savory Squash Soup, Thai Shrimp and Asparagus Salad, Upside-Down Garlic Chicken, Sierra Stew, Miso-Glazed Sea Bass, Coconut Sorbet, and Killer Brownies
  • A virtual tour of a health food store to help you select the healthiest brands and products
  • Secrets for steaming, boiling, poaching, grilling, roasting, baking.
  • Easy-to-use conversion tables for modifying your favorite foods and recipes to achieve maximum health benefits.
  • Helpful suggestions on what to cook for kids.

Extensive lists of the harmful chemicals and preservatives in your food and under your sink, and the healthy alternatives to these kitchen hazards.

14 easy-to-make entrees using soy, America’s fastest-growing food product, including EZ Sloppy Joes, Tofu Tacos, Hunter’s Tofu, and Santa Fe Wrap.

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Marilu Henner’s Total Health Makeover

Marilu Henner's Total Health Makeover

When Was The Last Time You Felt Really Healthy?

Now’s the time to create the healthy, balanced life you want — and become the truly vibrant, happy person you were meant to be. Combining good humor with solid science, Marilu Henner provides essential information on every aspect of health and fitness, including:

  • Detoxing your body
  • Preventing or alleviating health conditions from obesity to cancer
  • The secrets of stress reduction
  • Real food and the organic way to fuel your body

Free yourself forever from diets and disease-causing toxins, boost your energy, lower and maintain your weight — and change your life.

Amazon Review

Marilu Henner, known as Elaine on TV’s Taxi and star of the musical Chicago, was once very overweight, with sallow skin and a weak immune system. She waffled between starving herself and gorging herself. Since cutting dairy products and caffeine out of her diet, adopting a food-combining plan, and following a program that’s code-named “BEST”–for balance, energy, stamina, and toxin-free–she’s shaved nearly 100 points off her cholesterol count and 50 pounds off her frame, and she looks younger at 45 than she did at 19. If you don’t count her pregnancies, her weight hasn’t changed by more than 5 pounds over the past 11 years.

Henner’s 10-step health program outlined here is strict, but she offers tips for getting your feet wet. Start by cutting out caffeine one day a week, she advises, instead of going cold turkey, and make just one meal each day dairy-free, so the change doesn’t come as a shock to your system. Her “anti-milk manifesto,” which reveals exactly how milk is produced and how it negatively affects the human body, is quite a stunner. Her plan offers sound advice for becoming more mindful of how you treat your body, how and what you eat and why, and how you react to stress, along with how to make improvements in all these areas. Henner’s especially trustworthy because she’s been through the wringer: “After nineteen years of experimenting, a thousand mistakes, over 400 books (read, not written), at least 200 bad diets over my lifetime, five doctors, two physical therapists, three nutritionists, two personal trainers, one therapist, and a partridge in a pear tree, I have found what I believe are the best answers this planet has to offer about living a healthy, happy, and balanced life.” And she holds nothing back as she passes on her hard-earned knowledge about nutrition, digestion, exercise, preventive medicine, detoxification, and stress reduction. –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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I Refuse to Raise a Brat

I Refuse to Raise a BratAmazon Review

Marilu Henner, costar of the TV sitcom Taxi turned bestselling self-help author, has a strong message for doting parents: stop spoiling your children. Many of today’s moms and dads confuse placating with loving, spurred by a desire to give their kids the world on a silver platter. Cowritten by Henner (mother of two boys) and her personal psychoanalyst Dr. Ruth Sharon, I Refuse to Raise a Brat explores the long-term effects of overgratifying youngsters and offers a wealth of situational advice.

Henner and Sharon theorize that a child’s ability to balance independence and cooperation directly results from the parent-child relationship; too much negotiation, too many toys, exaggerated praise, and overprotection do not help that child in the long run. Instead of learning compliance, the child will learn that everything is open to discussion; in place of gratitude, the child learns greed (either physical greed for more “stuff” or emotional greed for more of the spotlight); and instead of feeling safe, the child will learn helplessness.

The women incorporate a question/answer style throughout their book’s 12 somewhat disjointed chapters. Questions such as “Our 18-month old wakes up at five every morning and then he wants to play. What do I do?” receive a practical two- to four-sentence response from Dr. Sharon (Answer: “Don’t blame your baby…. If he gets nine or ten hours’ sleep, he has every right to wake up at 5 a.m.”) Then Marilu responds–sometimes serious, often with a humorous anecdote or one-liner, or at times with a completely unrelated comment. Perhaps not the most authoritative resource, this book will still please, inform, and strike familiar chords in parents who seek nonphysical ways to gain and keep respect. –Liane Thomas –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

From the Back

Parents often confuse love with overindulgence, afraid to subject their children to a moment of frustration or deprive them of anything they might desire. But in order to become resilient and responsible adults, children must learn that they can’t always get their way.

Since motherhood is now her most important role, beloved actress Marilu Henner has often turned to Dr. Ruth Velikovsky Sharon, a highly respected psychoanalyst, for advice on raising her own children. This practical, accessible guidebook that they’ve compiled together shows parents how to:

  • Establish parent-child contracts and effective methods of discipline
  • Handle temper tantrums, bedtime issues, sibling rivalry, lying, and much more
  • Help their children tolerate frustration and become comfortable with difficult feelings

Filled with dozens of real-life questions, practical advice, and humorous anecdotes, I Refuse to Raise a Brat is a witty and useful resource to help parents raise secure and self-reliant children.

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