The Art of Living with Marilu Henner
I am thrilled to be involved with "The Art of Living" television show as both the host and co-executive producer. As a busy actress, mother and wife, I understand how hard it is to slow down and appreciate the actual art of living. Through my own experience, I have learned to achieve a delicate balance between career and family. My hope is that, through this series, I will be able to lend further insight to our viewers on how to do the same.
I am excited to showcase the finest in travel, beauty, culture, health and entertainment. As some of you may already know, family is a particularly important topic for me. I have even written two books on the art of raising children. From the latest in children's health and simple indulgences for parents to the world's most exciting vacation destinations and trends in fashion, I look forward to bringing viewers information to help them to create healthy and strong family relationships.
As the co-creator of this series, I have made a conscious effort to keep the family unit in mind as we present each episode. Whether you are young and upwardly-moving or a baby-boomer approaching retirement, I hope that you will join me as we take a look at the art of living.
About The Art of Living
Art of Living is US Media Television's preeminent lifestyle show, covering travel, dining, fashion, interior design and family life. From the latest in health and nutrition information for children, to simple indulgences for parents, the show is designed to help families create healthy, strong relationships and a magnificently stylish home. With vibrant subject matter, the show targets a high-end, savvy viewership. This luxury market celebrates the finest in fashion, entertainment, and of course, gorgeous homes and real estate. From exciting vacation destinations that allow families to make the most of their leisure time, to stimulating technology features that allow family members to adjust to ever-changing technology trends, the show is dedicated to keeping all members of the family well-informed.
Art of Living chronicles the finest in the worlds of travel, beauty, business, culture, entertainment and real estate. This unique series showcases a variety of experts, famous personalities, and the latest news and research on clever products, innovative trends and fresh ideas. Capturing the essence of opulence, the show spotlights influential entrepreneurs from around the globe and a host of illustrious subject matter. The show's producers created the series to celebrate the lifestyle and passion of its sophisticated viewers. It's the ultimate show for the elegant lifestyle! Art of Living combines on-location field footage with commentary from leaders and industry experts from around the world. The program airs on a variety of national and regional networks and is available in standard and high definition.
US Media Television, a leader in educational programming, is committed to a comprehensive approach. We continue our tradition as energetic, innovative producers. By watching Art of Living, you'll find ideas, inspiration and extraordinary people. We'd like to know what you think. Have you been inspired by one of our episodes? Let us know by clicking on the link below and telling us your story.
Take a fresh approach to the way you live -
tune in to Art of Living!

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Take a fresh approach to the way you live -
tune in to Art of Living!
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