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  1. Total Memory Makeover (2012)
  2. Wear Your Life Well (2009)
  3. Healthy Holidays/Party Hearty (2002)
  4. Healthy Kids (2001)
  5. Healthy Life Kitchen (2000)
  6. I Refuse to Raise a Brat (1999)
  7. The 30 Day Total Health Makeover (1999)
  8. Marilu Henner’s Total Health Makeover (1998)
  9. By All means Keep On Moving (1994)


Total Memory Makeover

Copyright 2012

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If you could remember the confidence you felt when your prom date said yes, could it embolden you to ask for a raise today? Could the thrill you felt fitting into your skinny jeans five years ago inspire you to skip the doughnuts this morning? Would the details of your early days with a heartbreaking ex help you recognize the potential red flags in a sexy new romance?

Marilu Henner says, “YES!”

In this revolutionary new book, the New York Times bestselling author, renowned health advocate, actress, performer, and memory expert helps you develop the ability to remember more of your past, to recall it more clearly, and most of all, to understand your memories as a blueprint for the extraordinary life you were meant to have! Marilu is gifted with Highly Superior Auto-biographical Memory (HSAM), a rare and incredible ability that allows her to vividly recall every detail of her life since childhood. While most of us may prefer to keep the unhappy times buried in the past, Marilu has discovered that only by remembering what happened then can we change our lives for a better now.

The past is prelude to the future. But how much of our lives do most of us really remember? And what would our memories tell us if they could? Get ready to harness the power of your autobiographical memory. Total Memory Makeover is unlike any memory book ever written.

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Wear Your Life Well

Use what you have to get what you want.

Copyright 2009

It’s not enough just to live—you have to wear your life well!

The question “How much do you love your life?” is perhaps the best indicator of how well you are wearing your life.

Marilu Henner is in better shape now in her fifties than she was in her twenties—at peak health, working with her active online community at, and celebrating life with her new husband, whom she helped cure of cancer. Now she’s back with this exciting guide to making your life work for you, whatever your age or condition.

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Are you happy? Are you living the life you want?
If not, for whom are you doing it all? Are you living for other people?
Are you guided by your own plan or by the design of others?
Do you see your life as a daily grind, or are you eager to face each day and every new challenge?
Do you get along well with your family, friends, relatives, and coworkers, or do you harbor anger, resentment, or guilt?
Are you working toward a dream, or are you daydreaming about not working?
Are you “working the coat,” or burying yourself within it?

In essence, do you wear your life well?

~ Marilu Henner, Wear Your Life Well


Learn how to wear your life well in this inspiring guide from New York Times bestselling author and beloved actress Marilu Henner.

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Healthy Holidays / Party Hearty

Total health entertaining all year round

Copyright 2002

Holidays can be healthy!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge, but when special occasions roll around most people give up and dive into the Super Bowl snacks, Fourth of July hot dogs, Halloween treats, and New Year’s champagne – knowing they’ll regret it later. In Healthy Holidays, actress and healthy living expert Marilu Henner shows us how easy and fun it is to prepare healthy meals for special occasions and holidays year-round.


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I’ve always been a party person. To this day, I associate holidays with being a little naughty and eating and partying too much – but now my healthy lifestyle doesn’t fall apart.

In Party Hearty, I help you build a few simple corrective actions right into your holiday routine so that you won’t gain weight, be sick or hung over, or need to diet or detox afterword. And don’t worry – you won’t be eating only raw food at your next Thanksgiving dinner.

I provide delicious recipes that fit within my total health makeover guidelines. And I help you take the focus off the food and enjoy the holidays the way you did as a child, with fun invitations, decorations, toasts, scents, games and activities, exercises, music, movies, party favors, and much more.

~ Marilu Henner, Party Hearty


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Healthy Kids

Help Them Eat Smart and Stay Active – for Life!
Over 100 Recipes Kids Will Love

Copyright 2001

Total Health for the whole family!

We all want our children to be fit and healthy, but the current invasion of fast food, sugary snacks, and oversize portions are creating an epidemic of overweight, inactive, and unhealthy kids. The powerful influences of the fast-food industry, omnipresent junk food advertising, and the vicious cycle of TV, computer games, and internet addictions only to make our children susceptible to a sedentary lifestyle and a lifetime of bad habits and obesity. Now, health pioneer and dedicated mom Marilu Henner says it’s time to say goodbye to sugarcoated cereals, artificially colored cheese puffs, oceans of sugary soft drinks, nutritionally deficient school lunches, and fast-food supermeals!

As Marilu explains, parents who want the best for their children need to feed them fresh, whole foods to grow by. In Healthy Kids she shows you how to create a healthy, balaced lifestyle for your kids and how to make the transition for dairy-, fat-, sugar, and chemical-laden foods to the vibrant, natural, nourishing foods we were all meant to eat.

Healthy Kids offers a proven plan to help parents and kids alike learn eat healthier and feel better. Inspiring and enjoyable to read, it features:

  • More than 100 mouthwatering recipes your children will love
  • Helpful, creative suggestions on getting your child into the habit of exercise
  • Scores of tips on transitioning from dead food to live food
  • A special for Kids Only with fabulous food-based puzzles, games and challenges
  • Age-specific recommendations for what foods your children might like
  • Time-saving shopping lists and helpful food preparation charts
  • Expert advice from pediatricians, physical trainers, teachers , and expert nutritionists on all aspects of nourishing your family

As Marilu says, healthy foods = healthy children. And Healthy Kids provides the essential information on creating a lifetime of nutritional eating habits for your growing children.

Healthy Life Kitchen

Copyright 2000

If you’re like most people, 70 percent of what’s in your kitchen right now is unhealthy and has to go. Now the good news… there are healthy and tasty alternatives to everything in your refrigerator and pantry, and the transition is easier than you think.

When it comes to food, most of us go through a constant tug-of-war between the foods we love and the foods we feel we should be eating. But what if we didn’t have to give up our favorite foods? What if we could take recipes from our childhood or our favorite cookbooks and find healthier ways to enjoy them?

Marilu Henner’s Healthy Life Kitchen shows you a new way, a better way, to create a “health factory” in your home. Out go the red meat, dairy, and refined sugar products, and in come the freshest fruits, vegetables, grains, soy, seafood, poultry and seasonings imaginable – and, in a few easy steps, you’ve created a Healthy Life you!

After inspiring legions of readers with Marilu Henner’s Total Health Makeover and The 30-day Total Health Makeover, Marilu presents the first cookbook in her bestselling series, introducing tantalizing dishes that fit perfectly into her life-changing health plan. Marilu has collected her best-loved recipes of the last twenty years and mixed in her distinctive warmth and humor. With pioneering health advice, helpful kitchen tips, and plenty of gusto, she serves up a magical array of hearty meals for your nourishment and pleasure.

Healthy Life Kitchen features

  • 175 delicious recipes such as Blueberry Crunch Muffins, Savory Squash Soup, Thai Shrimp and Asparagus Salad, Upside-Down Garlic Chicken, Sierra Stew, Miso-Glazed Sea Bass, Coconut Sorbet, and Killer Brownies
  • A virtual tour of a health food store to help you select the healthiest brands and products
  • Secrets for steaming, boiling, poaching, grilling, roasting, baking, and simmering your favorite foods to perfection
  • Easy-to-use conversion tables for modifying your favorite foods and recipes to achieve maximum health benefits
  • Helpful suggestions on what to cook for kids
  • Extensive lists of the harmful chemicals and preservatives in your food and under your sink, and the healthy alternatives to these kitchen hazards.
  • 14 easy-to-make entrees using soy, America’s fastest-growing food product, including EZ Sloppy Joes, Tofu Tacos, Hunter’s Tofu, and Santa Fe Wrap

I Refuse to Raise a Brat

Straightforward Advice on Parenting in an Age of Overindulgence.

Copyright 1999

Parents often confuse love with overindulgence, afraid to subject their children to a moment of frustration or deprive them of anything they might desire. But in order to become resilient and responsible adults, children must learn that they can’t always get their way.

Since motherhood is now her most important role, beloved actress Marilu Henner has often turned to Dr. Ruth Velikovsky Sharon, a highly respected psychoanalyst, for advice on raising her own children. This practical, accessible guidebook that they’ve compiled together shows parents how to:

  • Establish parent-child contracts and effective methods of discipline
  • Handle temper tantrums, bedtime issues, sibling rivalry, lying, and much more
  • Help their children tolerate frustration and become comfortable with difficult feelings

Filled with dozens of real-life questions, practical advice, and humorous anecdotes, I Refuse to Raise a Brat is a witty and useful resource to help parents raise secure and self-reliant children.

The 30-Day Total Health Makeover

Everything You Need to Do to Change Your Body, Your Health, and Your Life in 30 Amazing Days.

Copyright 1999

Are you ready to make a change? Spend a month with Marilu!

Health is not just about weight or appearance, but rather about a much bigger picture. I really believe that you can’t be a healthy person unless everything is working together. Your body, your mind, your living space. Live in my world for 30 days and I promise you will feel better.

~ Marilu Henner

Marilu Henner’s Total Health Makeover

10 steps to your B.E.S.T.* body
*Balance, Energy, Stamina, Toxin-free

Copyright 1998

When was the last time you felt really healthy?

Now’s the time to create the healthy, balanced life you want – and become the truly vibrant, happy person you were meant to be. Combining good humor with solid science, Marilu Henner provides essential information on every aspect of health and fitness, including:

  • Detoxing your body
  • Preventing or alleviating health conditions from obesity to cancer
  • The secrets of stress reduction
  • Real food and the organic way to fuel your body

Free yourself forever from diets and disease-causing toxins, boost your energy, lower and maintain your weight – and change your life.

By All Means Keep On Moving

Copyright 1994

The Hollywood success story of Marilu Henner follows the devastating deaths of her parents in the wake of her first big break, her on-screen achievements, and her relationships with other celebrities.

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