Program Basics
Program Basics
Marilu Henner summarized what she learned about a healthy lifestyle in the 10 Steps of the Total Health Makeover®. Following the 10 Steps will give you Balance, Energy,Stamina, and make you Toxin-free – you’ll be your B.E.S.T. with THM®! As your body becomes healthy, you’ll even lose weight!
You can follow the 10 Steps of THM® even if you have health challenges, like diabetes or gluten intolerance. THM® is the perfect plan if you have a food or dairy allergy. You can lower your cholesterol levels, too!
Here’s a quick outline.

1. Watch for chemicals in the foods you eat.
Additives and preservatives can be harmful. Read the labels and learn what’s in your food. Eat more natural and organic foods.

2. Cut back on – and try to cut out – caffeine and nicotine.
These are drugs that keep your body from being healthy. You’ll feel better with decaf – or water!

3. Replace processed sugar with natural alternatives.
Use natural sugars – fruit, maple syrup, raw honey, blackstrap molasses and other natural sweeteners. Avoid chemical sweeteners.

4. Limit – or eliminate – red meat.
Avoid the drugs and hormones given to livestock, and the unhealthy saturated fats from
red meat. Select organic, vegetarian-fed, free-range poultry and ocean fish instead.

5. Avoid dairy products (anything made from the milk of another animal).
Like meat, cow’s milk is filled with drugs and hormones (and worse). Cow’s milk is meant for a baby cow, not a human.

6. Combine your foods for efficient digestion.
You’ll have more energy eating fruits, animal proteins, and starches separately. It’s easy to have fruit for breakfast, protein and vegetables for lunch, and whole grains and vegetables for dinner.

7. Reduce the fats you eat.
Fats from natural, whole foods (like fish, nuts and vegetables) are good for you. Avoid saturated and trans fats.

8. Exercise daily.
Break a sweat for at least 10 minutes a day. Exercise helps with weight loss and general well being. Make it fun!

9. Get enough sleep.
Regular sleep restores your energy by giving cells time to repair. Sleep helps the other nine steps work even better.

10. Do everything with Gusto!
Gusto is an enthusiasm for life and a positive attitude about yourself. When you’ve got it, life is good.

MEATLESS MONDAY….some reasons why !

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We’re not trying to scare you.  Halloween was LAST week.  But some of the information in this article from The Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine will make you stop and think.  Once you know something you can’t “unlearn” it.   This is clear and concise and will only take you a few minutes.  If your inclination is to say “I’d rather not know.” you might be someone who particularly needs to read it.  When it comes to our health we all have something that we’re trying to get away with.  Don’t hide your head in the sand.

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