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Ani: THM is not a diet... it's a healthy lifestyle!


Growing up I never really had a weight problem. I ate a lot but was so active that I never gained weight... until I got married five years ago. Inactivity, eating too much, and a pregnancy led me to gain 30 pounds. 30 pounds may not sound like a lot, but on my small 5'4" frame, I looked FAT. The pounds crept up so slowly that I didn't even notice I had a weight problem until it was too late. It's easier to deal with a few pounds at a time than 35 pounds all at once! I tried to lose the weight but NOTHING worked. I tried Jenny Craig for a week...lost seven pounds and gained it back. I joined Weight Watchers for another week....lost four pounds and gained it back. I went to Lindora......lost 10 pounds and gained it back. I popped Metabolife pills for three days... had my heart racing to 130 beats per minute but still there was no weight loss. I was so discouraged that I gave away all of my "thin" clothes to Goodwill. I simply told myself "Ani, you are a mother now and you will never be thin again....just deal with it." I accepted it even though it hurt so badly. I started to receive negative comments from relatives such as, "Wow, you've put on some weight!" or "What happened to you?" though I wasn't feeling bad enough. My visiting overweight aunt even commented, "Your dad is right, you ARE one of us now." That just crushed me!

None of my weight loss tactics worked until I finally discovered THM. I finished reading the book in one day and something just clicked. I really felt I had found my answer. I stopped feeling sorry for myself and started making changes. I eliminated dairy, started food combining and omitted all refined sugar. The weight didn't come off at first. But that didn't matter because I was feeling so healthy. For the first time, I didn't feel bloated, heavy or gassy after my meals. I was feeling so energetic that I joined a gym and became consistent with cardio exercise and Yoga.

The message boards at gave me unbelievable support and were an integral part of my days. After a few months, people started to notice my weight loss, which motivated me further. People at work started to say things like "Oh, don't offer Ani that piece of cake....she doesn't eat junk anymore." They started to label me the "Health Freak." Unbeknownst to them, it was actually a compliment! It's been a year and a half and not only have I lost the 30 pounds but an extra 5 pounds as well. I went from 155 pounds (size 12) to 120 pounds (size 4). I haven't been at this weight since High School (10 years ago)! The best part of gaining weight has been losing it. The compliments ("could you get any skinnier?" or "eat something, you're wasting away") have been so inspiring! THM has been the ONLY thing that's worked for me.

I am confident that the weight will NEVER creep up on me as long as I maintain this healthy lifestyle. I recently joined a new gym where I had a consultation with a personal trainer. The trainer asked me, "When were you at your best weight?" I thought for a moment and said, "NOW! I've never looked or felt better!" The trainer said, "In all of my years of training nobody has ever said that!" If there is anyone who is STILL having doubts about THM, please give it a try. It works because it is NOT a's a lifestyle. A lifestyle full of health, energy, good food and a positive body image.


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